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NASA Human & Robotic Technology BAA NOI’s Selected for Full Proposals

By SpaceRef Editor
August 31, 2004
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Advanced Space Technology Program (ASTP)

Advanced Studies, Concepts and Technology (ASCT)

Advanced Concepts

876 “Continuous ultrasonic process for dispersion …”, The University of Akron, Avraam I. Isayev

631 “Fully Integrated Scaleable, Modular Two Fluid Propulsion and Power Module for Sustainable Architecture”, Boeing-Rocketdyne

680 “Space Exploration Systems Standards Consortium”, Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Kerry Fisherkeller

1033 “High-performance Embedded and Scientific Computing”, Univ. of Southern California, Viktor K. Prasanna

1209 “Insitu Resource Systems Modeling and Assessments”, Science Applications International Corporation, Dennis G Pelaccio

1476 “Nanotechnology-Based Advanced TPS System”, MER Corporation, Witold Kowbel

1504 “Cognitive Reconfigurable Communications System”, Honeywell, Julian Bristow

1579 “X-RAY Pulsar Baed Navigation and Timing for Interplanetary Missions”, Wright State University, Valerie L. Shalin, Associate Professor

1727 “Networking and communications for sustained human and r”, L3-Com Communications, Ned D. Plasson

1734 “High capacity flexible magnetic media”, IBM, Wayne Imaino

2048 “Lunar Regolith-Handling Construction Equipment”, US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab, Mr. Paul Corcoran

2049 “MOBITAT: MObile planetary surface haBITAT”, Plug-in Creations Architecture, LLC, A. Scott Howe, PhD

2066 “Self Replicating Engineering – Cycle 1”, EnGen Institute, William E Hollier

2088 “Autonomous On-Board Test & Checkout Architecture”, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ANC), Terry Greenfield

2105 “Carbon Armor”, The Johns Hopkins University, Jennifer L. Sample

2201 “Exploratory Intelligent Agents (EIAs)”, SPARTA, Inc., Steven M. Alexander

2222 “Self-Deploying Flexible PV Tent Arrays for Moon/Mars”, ITN Energy Systems Inc., Dr. Joseph H. Armstrong

2268 “Electrodeless Plasma Propulsion with Plasma Waves”, Ohio Aerospace Institute, James H. Gilland

2512 “Achievable Autonomy for Sustainable Lunar Habitats”, Metrica, Inc., Pete Bonasso

2560 “Multilevel Computational Models for Mission Operations”, Wright State University, Valerie L. Shalin, Associate Professor

2578 “System of Affordable Robotic Systems for Precursor Miss”, Titan Corporation, Charles R Price

2664 “Direct transformation of sunlight in space to coherent”, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Richard L. Fork

2724 “Molecular Nanotechnology for Space Exploration”, Georgia Tech, Ralph C. Merkle

2881 “Economic Development of Space: Examination & Simulation”, SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI), A.C. Charania

3313 “Nanotube-Polymer FILMskins for Human and Robotic Space”, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, David B. Geohegan

3372 “Advanced Thermal Protection Systems Materials Investiga”, Sandia NationaL Laboratories, David W. Kuntz

3407 “Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites for UV and Atomic ox”, Intelligent Optical Systems, Weijie Huang

3452 “An Integrated Information Environment for Exploration M”, Computer Sciences Corporation, Warren Smith

3505 “Thermoelectric nanowire arrays for power generation”, Eloret Corporation, Qi Laura Ye

3558 “High-accuracy atom-optics inertial sensors for deep-spa”, AOSense, Inc., Brenton C. Young

3659 “MAGNETIC NOZZLE AND DETACHMENT EFFICIENCY OF THE PLASMA”, University of Texas at Austin, Boris Breizman

3678 “Enabling energy-intensive technologies for exploration”, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Edward L. Dreizin

3769 “Quantum Optical Sensing, Imaging and Computing”, The Texas A&M University System, Marlan O. Scully


3827 “Mining, Excavation Underground Construction and Resource”, Wright State University, Valerie L. Shalin, Associate Professor

3862 “Decentralized Control of Flexible Space Structures…”, Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Anthony J. Calise

4088 “Self Lubricating Films for Maintenance Free Bearings”, Argonne National Laboratory, Ali Erdemir

4258 “HYBRID INFLATABLE LUNAR HABITAT”, MoonFront, LLC, Susmita Mohanty

4362 “Solid State THz Device for Non-destructive Inspection”, Time Domain Corporation, Larry Fullerton

4365 “DPN of basic nanodevices and their interfaces”, NanoInk, Terrisa Duenas

4381 “Active Structural-Acoustic Health Monitoring System”, The Pennsylvania State University, Stephen C. Conlon

4392 “Regenerative H2O2 Fuel Cells For H&R Exploration”, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, George H. Miley

4398 “High Efficiency Optical Polarimetric Imaging Detector S”, University of Akron, George Giakos, Ph.D.

4664 “Rocket blast effects on lunar and planetary regolith”, Engineer Research and Development Center, Mark Hopkins

4676 “Campaign Modeling in Support of H&RT Goals”, Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Michael Yukish

4703 “Campaign Methodology: Exploration-Driven Architectures”, The Aerospace Corporation, Matthew F Marshall

4735 “Efficient & Modular Electromechanical Conversion System”, Texas A&M University, Hamid A. Toliyat

4745 “Mobile and Agile Microrobots with Integrated Multifunti”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Akintunde Ibitayo (Tayo) Akinwande

4827 “A Comprehensive One NASA Command and Control Architec”, Booz Allen Hamilton, Kevin Brown

9999 “Perceptual Teams, Coordinating Heterogeneous Mobile Sensors to Support Autonomous Construction and ISRU Activities”, Washington University in St. Lousi, Robert Pless

System Design and Engineering Analysis Tools

301 “Quantitative Techniques to Analyze Human/Rover Sys”, The University of Iowa, Geb Thomas

999 “CFD Based Combusion Stability Tool”, The Boeing Company, Edward D. Lynch

1111 “Space Communications Architecture Design and Analysis”, ViaSat, Inc., Tom Inukai

1214 “Trade Studies and Uncertainty in Early System-of-System”, Robust Decisions Inc, Dr. David G. Ullman

1338 “Integrated Design Simulations and Engineering Analysis”, OPNET Technologies, Inc, Sam Qadan

1339 “Risk Analysis Tools in Support of Mission Control”, Texas Tech University, J. Nelson Rushton

1365 “Multi-Purpose Procedure Viewer for In-Flight Performanc”, Titan Corporation, Steve J. Mueller

1477 “Safety and Risk-Driven Design in Complex Systems-of-Sys”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Nancy Leveson

1620 “Liquid Rocket Combustion Stability Model”, Aerojet, Ross Hewitt

2095 “A Framework for Accurate Risk Assessment in CEV Design”, Georgia Institute of Technology, Chris Paredis

2161 “Organizational Analysis Technology Project”, Science Applications International Corporation, Darrell Branscome

2163 “Affordable COTS-based Prelim. Mission Design Tool Set”, Orbital Sciences Corporation, William J. Kosmann

2304 “Planetary Geospatial Exploitation toolkit”, Radiance Technologies, Tom Strange

2531 “Common Tools and Metrics for Human-Robot Interaction Ev”, Carnegie Mellon University, Aaron Steinfeld

2812 “Abort Boundary Definition System (ABDS) for Earth, Moon”, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Henri Fuhrmann

2914 “Space Borne Systems Reliability Assessment Environment”, University of Illinois,

3333 “ExplorationSystemOrganizer”, ELORET, Peter Gage

3391 “Development of an H&RT System of Repair”, The Pennsylvania State University, Eric Whitney

3473 “Application of a System-of-Systems Architecture Design”, The Aerospace Corporation, Jay Penn

3491 “4D/RCS: A Cognitive Architecture and Software Engineeri”, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Dr. James Albus

3635 “Space Exploration Architecture Tool Set (SEATS)”, Advatech Pacific, Inc., Dr. Saeed Paydarfar

3663 “Comprehensive Framework to Accelerate Systemic TRL Tran”, CertusTech LLC, Sriprakash Sarathy

3836 “Interplanetary Supply Chain Management and Logistics”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Prof. Olivier de Weck

3910 “Damage Tolerant Life Methods for Composite Structures”, Ohio Aerospace Institute, Dr. John Thesken

4204 “Space Software Risk Identification and Analysis System”, Space Systems, LLC, Periklis Papadopoulos

4305 “An Integrated High-Fidelity Virtual Testbed …”, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, Joseph J. Wang

4402 “A Tool for Procedure Design and Verification”, Carnegie Mellon University, Reid Simmons

4746 “Advanced PRA for Atmostpheric Entry Exploration Systems”, ELORET Corporation, Susie Go

4795 “Discrete Event Modeling & Simulation… Lunar Habitat”, IDS Engineering, Michael W. Golway, PE

Technology Databases

1006 “Database of Space Environment Effects on Materials”, Battelle Memorial Institute, Dr. John Clay

1324 “Test Facilities/Ranges for Recovery/Landing System”, Irvin Aeropsace Inc, Rob Sinclair

1350 “Technology Discovery in Support of H&RT AST & TM Progra”, WorldTech Inc., Mike Patterson

1532 “Technology Portfolio Management through Semantic Integ.”, University of California, Daniel C. Berrios

1593 “Storable Propellant Engine Technology Database”, Aerojet, Merlyn Lausten

2494 “Design, Analysis & Optimization Tools for Exploration”, NC State University, Dr. Fred R. DeJarnette

2727 “Technolgy Database Design, Development, and Population”, SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI), Mr. Jon Wallace

2762 “Integrated Management of Technology”, Universities Space Research Association, Dr. David G. Bell

3839 “Integrated Systems Health Management Database and Tools”, Pennsylvania State University, Amulya K. Garga

4069 “IMPLEMENTATION OF DATABASE FOR EXTERNAL TECH DEV PLANS”, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, Dr. Dennis McBride

4191 “Strategic Planning Tool for Technology Capability Evolu”, Booz Allen Hamilton, George Byrd

4285 “Architecture and Strategic Technology Decision-Making D”, ARES Corporation, Dr. Allan Benjamin

4847 “Technology Investment Portfolio Database”, The Tauri Group, LLC, William C. Wellman

Technology Systems Analysis

1008 “In-situ Resource Utilization Technology Priorization”, The Boeing Company, Paul P. Gill

1138 “Technology Investment Portfolio Prioritization Tool”, Orbital Sciences Corporation, Dr. Douglas Stanley

1383 “Designing for Crew Autonomy:Ontologies and Requirements”, Metrica Inc., David Kortenkamp

1401 “Autonomy in human space missions:Projected capabilities”, Metrica Inc., David Kortenkamp

1415 “Virtual Exploration Enterprise Testbed”, Command and Control Technologies, Rodney Davis

1472 “Enterprise Model for the Office of Exploration Systems”, The Aerospace Corporation, Leonard Brownlow

1527 “Automated Technology Assessment & Intelligence”, IBM, Doug McDavid

1555 “Application of Tethered Systems for Space Transportatio”, The Aerospace Corporation, Violet Barghe-Sharghi, Ph.D.

2033 “Solar Sail Spacecraft for Maintenance and Servicing”, KinetX, Inc., Dr. Bobby G. WIlliams

2165 “Bulk Materials Electromagnetic Launch to Earth Orbit”, Sandia National Laboratories, Dr. Mark Franz

2698 “Low-Cost, Bridging Technology Flight Experiment Capabil”, Sandia National Laboratories, J. Michael Macha

2773 “Tech. Assess. and Portfolio Mngmt. Support for H&RT”, SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc. (SEI), Dr. John R. Olds

3320 “Deep Submicron Radiation Hard and Fault Tolerant Comput”, University of Idaho, Dr. Gary K. Maki

3392 “Risk-Based Portfolio Management”, Futron Corporation, David M. Frost

3453 “Technology Knowledge Management”, Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Dimitri N. Mavris

3675 “Common Engine for Lunar and Mars Descent and Ascent”, Gray Research, Gordon Woodcock

4073 “Automated System Engineering”, RKF Engineering Solutions, LLC, Dr. Jeffery Freedman

4373 “A Platform Enabling Use of COTS Electronics In Space”, Univerity of Southern California, Dr. John N. Damoulakis

4481 “A Model of Options and Costs for Reliable Autonomy”, Universities Space Research Association (USRA), Dr Julian Richardson

4680 “Integrated Sys-of-Sys Portfolio Investment Analysis”, SAIC, Chel Stromgren

Technology-Systems Analysis

604 “Sim of Micrometeoroid Impact & Shield Optimization”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Michael S. Rabito

2914 “Spaceborne Systems Reliability Assessment Environment”, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, William H. Sanders

Advanced Materials and Structural Concepts (AMSC)

Advanced Materials

933 “Multifunctional Light-Weight Structural Composite Systems”, Specialty Materials, Inc., Dr. Albert J. Kumnick


1422 “Self-Cleaning Anti-Contamination Coatings”, Northrop Grumman Corp., Len Chorosinski

1671 “Deployable Structures and Habitats Based on Control…”, University of California, San Diego, Robert E. Skelton

1793 “Long-Life Lightweight Oxidation-Resistant Cryogen Tank”, XCOR Aerospace, Daniel L. DeLong

1862 “Rocket Engine Polymer Matrix Composites Technology”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Arturo Casillas

2299 “Advanced Materials for Counter Pressure Suits”, Clemson University, Christine W. Jarvis, Ph.D.

2375 “Hydrogen Resistant Nanocomposites”, The Boeing Company, Monica A. Jacinto

2557 “Multifunctional Electrotextile Based Health-Monitoring”, Foster-Miller, Inc., Joseph Ting

2597 “Mitigation of Dust and Electrostatic Accumulation for H”, Colorado School of Mines, Masami Nakagawa

2758 “Nanostructured Quantum Conductors for Power & Propulsion”, Rice University, Richard E. Smalley

4162 “Computational Design of Thermal Material Properties”, ELORET Corporation, Dr. Christopher E. Dateo

4519 “Pliable, Self-Healing, Structural M/OD Shield”, Oceaneering Space Systems, James Galbraith

4810 “Intelligent Flexible Materials for Inflatable Structure”, ILC Dover LP, David P. Cadogan

Flexible Fiber Systems

2108 “In-situ Basalt Fiber, Fabric, and Composite Products”, Basalt Fiber Products, Tom Crabb

2709 “Multifunctional Flexible System of Smart Materials”, Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International, Ed Hodgson

Mechanisms and Interconnects

614 “In-space fabrication, joining, and repair”, The Boeing Company, Wesley D. Goodin

860 “ACM Docking System for In-Space Assembly”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, John Ringelberg

864 “Continuously Variable Flow Control valve”, The Boeing Company, Robert A. Lynch

930 “Robotic-assisted solid-state material joining”, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Weijia Zhou

2086 “A Dual Mode Modular Exploration Rover for Crewed and Au”, University of California at Santa Cruz, Gabriel Hugh Elkaim

2848 “A Universal, Standard, Electromechanical Interface”, Physical Sciences Inc., Dr. Prakash B. Joshi

3498 “”Smart” Robotically Assembled Space Structures”, Alliance Spacesystems Inc, RenÃ(c) Fradet

4049 “Snap-Together Reconfigurable Structural Elements”, ATK – Alliant Techsystems, Mark Morgan

4223 “Robotic End-Effector Hierarchy Study”, Honeybee Robotics, Roopnarine

4374 “Modular Truss Element for In-Space or Surface Self-Asse”, University of California at Santa Cruz, Gabriel Hugh Elkaim

4808 “Gearless Ultra-High Force/Torque Density Actuators”, Foster-Miller, Inc, Steve Potter

Smart Materials and Structures

1489 “Adv Active Materials Tech for Inflatable Module/Habitat”, The Boeing Company, Edward V White

1560 “Wireless Sensor Network Embedding in CEV Smart Material”, Boeing, Dr. Victor Starkovich

1657 “Morphing Structures”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Paul Hagseth

2197 “Combustion-Powered Shape Memory Alloy Actuators”, University of Maryland, Christopher Cadou

2518 “Integrated Sensing, Diagnostics and Prognostics for Aut”, United Technologies Corporation, Anindya Ghoshal

2582 “Next Generation Wiring Materials”, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ANC), Tracy Gibson

3458 “SmartMat’l/SensorNet-4-MonitoringSpaceVehicle Integrity”, Hewlett-Packard Company, James Stasiak

3515 “Catastrophic Structural Failure Detection System”, Invocon, Inc., Paul Zymowski

4002 “Automated Design of Robust Smart Structure Controllers”, USRA, Dr. Ari Jonsson

4066 “Smart Structural Elements for Large Space Structures”, University of Colorado, Prof. Lee D. Peterson

4673 “Robotic inspection device for spacecraft maintenance”, Biomedical Consultants & Associates, Inc, David M. Harris, PhD

Space Environments and Effects

287 “Radiation Mitigation at Earth, Moon and Mars”, University of Washington, Prof. R. M. Winglee

586 “Radiation Reliability and Safety … (RADSAFE)”, Vanderbilt University, Robert A. Weller

1238 “Integrated Structure Protection and Crew Exploration”, The Boeing Company, Russell Graves

1798 “LUDEM – LUnar Dust Effects Mitigation”, Science Applications International Corporation, Ron Creel

2528 “Materials and Devices for Dust Removal and Mitigatoin”, Eikos Inc, Paul J Glatkowski

Structural Concepts, Dynamics and Controls

672 “Friction Stir Welding Lightweight Cryo Tanks”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, David M. Potter

692 “Innovative Deployable Lunar Base Development”, University of Maryland, Professor Amde M. Amde

Structural Concepts, Dynamics, & Controls

923 “Extraterrestrial Dry Wall”, Johns Hopkins University, Douglas Mehoke

1366 “Transprt, Press Habitat Powered w/ Thin Film Solar Cell”, Johns Hopkins University, David Persons

1731 “Inflatable Lunar Habitat with Radiation Shield Technolo”, Honeywell International, Allen MacKnight

2028 “Inflatable Berthing Component Development”, Tether Applications, Inc., Joseph Carroll

2194 “Artificial Gravity Systems Research”, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ANC), Keith Manning

2312 “Inflatable Cryogen Storage System”, Piedra-Sombra Corporation, Inc., Dr. William C. Stone

2899 “Hard Concentric Shells for Habitat and Large Structures”, ATK – Alliant Techsystems, Mark Morgan

3503 “Pneumatically Deployed Long Truss”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Al Barrett

3654 “Inflatable Thin Film Ballutes for Return from the Moon”, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., Jim Masciarelli

3685 “Modular-Intrinsically Survivable Space Structures/Skins”, ATK Mission Research, Steve Stone, Ph.D

4071 “Affordable Lightweight Long Term Cryogenic Storage Tank”, ATK – Alliant Techsystems, Abby Batchelder

4296 “FLAT Struts for modular space and surface structures”, AEC-Able Engineering, Gregory Compton

AMSC Other
4235 “Depl. Hybrid Boom-Tether Structure for Artificial Grav.”, University of Colorado, Prof. Lee D. Peterson

Communications, Computing, Electronics and Imaging (CCEI)

Extreme Environment Electronics

1660 “150nm Extreme Temp Technology and Structured ASIC”, BAE SYS, Murty Polavarapu

1908 “Highly Reliable Nitride-Based Semiconductor Devices & ICs”, UCSC, Cun-Zheng Ning

2668 “RF Transceiver for WLAN in Lunar Environment”, Auburn University, Foster Dai



9999 “Extreme Space Environment Packaging Technology”, Northrop Grumman,

Ground-Based High End Computing

1874 “Improved Computational Effic’y for Rocket Engine Design”, Computer Sciences Corp, Robert T. Hood

3289 “Streaming Scientific Computing”, Stanford University, Bill Dally

3912 “PIM Architecture for Ground Computing”, SNL, Erik P. DeBenedictis

4763 “A Hierarchical Multithreading Cmptg Pltfrm w/ Multicore”, UCSD, Rajesh Gupta

In-Space Computing and Avionics

343 “Reconfigurable System for Autonomous Processing”, Case Western Reserve University, Chris Papachristou

1145 “High Performance Computer w/Carbon Nanotube Memory”, BAE SYS, David Rea

1377 “Adaptive Point-of-Load DC-to-DC Converter (APOL)”, BAE SYS, Dale Rickard

1446 “Modular Space Processing and Avionics System”, BAE Sys North Am, Michael Harris

1461 “RAD6000 System-on-a-Chip Microcontroller”, BAE SYS, Richard Berger

1537 “Affordable Space Bus for Modular-Element Vehicle”, Honeywell, Dr. John R. Samson

1544 “Rad-Hard, Fault Tolerant Processing Architecture”, Lockheed Martin, Glenn Haselfeld

1888 “Novel Open & Modular Fault Tolerant Avionics Arch”, Draper Lab, Neil Brock

2225 “Sustainable Reconfigurable Architecture for Computing”, USC ISI, Matthew French

2274 “Low-cost Radiation Tolerant Polymorphous Computer”, USAF AFRL, James Lyke

2564 “Low Power and Rad Tol. Field Programmable Gate Array”, CSwitch Corp, Narbeh Derhacobian

3380 “SEE-Immune Reconfigurable Field-Programmable Gate Array”, SNL, Paul Dodd

Sensing and Imaging

628 “Radiation Hard Quantum Dot Laser Diode Technology”, Univ Texas at Austin, Dennis G. Deppe

1057 “TIRNS (3-D Imaging Resource Nuclear Spectrometer)”, JHU – APL, Dr. Edgar Rhodes

1718 “Robust Adaptive Optical and Radar Navigation Correlator”, Raytheon, Daniel Carlson

2506 “Sensor Module for Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking”, bd Systems, Dr. John Glaese

2532 “Miniature Raman Spectrometer for Surface Contamination”, Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, Dr. Richard Heppner

2594 “3D Imaging and Sensing Lidar Guidance System for Entry,”, Raytheon, Dr. Patrick Kwok

2794 “Megapixel Rad-Hard Active Pixel Sensor Camera”, BAE SYSTEMS, Murty Polavarapu

3755 “Photon-sensitive focal planes for enhanced-range-resolu”, MIT Lincoln Lab, Brian Aull

4225 “3-D Imaging LADAR for Rover Autonomous Navigation”, Lockheed Martin, Bruno J. Evans

Space Communications and Networking

681 “Low Cost Electrically Scanning Array (LCESA)”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Alan Cherrette

687 “Standardized Space Qualified Firewall”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, George Eger

688 “Hi Power Comm in Extreme Environments using SiGe…”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Dr. N.B.Singh

1074 “Mitigating Environmental Effects for Optical LANs”, Battelle Memorial Institute, Dr. Ruth Ann Mullen

1466 “Software Radio Technology – Multi-Waveform Modem”, L-3 Communications Corporation, John Schina

1739 “Low Power High Data Rate Optical Comm System with remot”, HRL Laboratories, LLC, Keyvan Sayyah

2314 “Multi-Link Antenna System (MLAS)”, ITT Industries, Max jenabi

2368 “Comm and Nav Architecture for Surface and Space”, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Thomas Kostas

2461 “Advanced Spaceflight Communications Transceiver”, CMC Electroncis Cincinnati, Mr Mark Dapore

2472 “Low-power and low-complexity video compression”, IBM, Dr. Jack Kouloheris

2643 “Reconfigurable Microwave Subsystems for Space Applicati”, Space Micro Inc., David Czajkowski

2673 “Self-configuring surface networks for exploration”, Carnegie Mellon University, Sanjiv Singh

2683 “Robust, Reconfigurable, Beam-Steerable Ka-band Array”, The Ohio State University, Roberto G. Rojas

2874 “Wireless Health Monitoring Infrastructure”, Invocon, Inc., Eric Krug

3393 “Small Aperture Multiband Microwave Array Receiver”, University of Colorado, Dana Z. Anderson

3443 “Energy-efficient adaptive network protocols for planeta”, Texas A & M University, A. L. Narasimha Reddy

3730 “Beam-Steerable Optical Phased Array with Coupled VCSEL”, The Ohio State University, Roberto G. Rojas

4033 “ExNeST: Exploration Networking Systems for Traverses”, Simon Fraser University Vancouver, Stephen P. Braham, PhD

4113 “Reconfigurable Intelligent Internet Protocols for Space”, Case Western Reserve University, Behnam Malakooti

4180 “Sustainable, Scalable, Ka-band Silicon Radio on a Chip”, IBM, Brian Gaucher

4412 “A Ka-Band Deployable Focal-Plane Self-Correcting Array”, EMAG Technologies Inc., Dr. Kazem F. Sabet

4646 “Cooperative Telerobotics Enabled by Software Radio”, Auburn University, Thaddeus Roppel

4701 “Lunar/Planetary Surface Wireless Networks”, Georgia Institute of Technology, Thomas G. Pratt

4869 “Distributed Fault-Tolerant Self-Healing Computing Sys. (Energy efficienbt efficient, adaptive & DTN protocols)”, San Diego Research Center, Dr. Bo Ryu

4972 “Integrated 802.11 Communication and Navigation Networks”, QSS Group Inc., Matthew Deans

Software, Intelligent Systems and Modeling (SISM)

Autonomy and Intelligence

988 “Fault-Tolerant, Intelligent GN&C System for Rovers”, Rockwell Collins Inc., Shih-Yih (Ryan) Young

1156 “Open Architecture Robot FoS For Surface Facilities”, University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Delbert Tesar

1507 “Self Adaptive, Secure, and Stable QoS Management”, The Boeing Company, Dr. Guijun Wang

1765 “Legged Rover with Manipulation Capability for Explorati”, MIT, Prof. Brian Williams

2132 “Autonomous Manipulation Capabilities”, MIT, Rodney Brooks

2376 “Human-Supervised Control of Robot Teams”, Texas A&M University System, Dr. John L. Junkins

2397 “Intelligent Self-Situational Awareness for Exploration”, Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Karl M. Reichard

2642 “Safe and Efficient Autonomous Execution Control for Hum”, MIT, Prof. Brian Williams

2723 “Model-based Systems for Sustained Engineering”, Texas Tech University, Daniel E. Cooke, Ph.D.

2872 “Human-Robot Teams for Robust Collocated Assembly Tasks”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Prof. Cynthia Breazeal

3493 “Flexibly Autonomous Robot Teams for Assembly and Repair”, Stanford University, Professor Stanley Peters

3822 “Modular Flight Control Software for Robust Coordination”, MIT, Dr. Brian Williams

4004 “Verification and validation of autonomy software”, USRA, Dr. Ari Jonsson

4250 “Robotic Mule Teams for Planetary Load Transport”, Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise, Pat Langley

4413 “Bio-insp. teams of intelligent autonomous mobile scouts”, Case Western Reserve University, Roger D. Quinn

4913 “Information technologies for autonomous rendezvous and”, Intellization, Edward Wilson, Ph.D., P.E.

Health Management Technologies

1630 “Reliable Real-time Health Mgt for Safe and Autonomous”, Northrop Grumman Corp., Stephen Brown

1747 “Integrated Health Management and Control for Spacecraft”, Vanderbilt University, Gabor Karsai

1824 “Rapid Diagnosis Spatially Related Faults Using CAD Data”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Michael J. Grage

3425 “Adaptable Structural Health Management Systems”, University of California, San Diego, Michael Todd

3668 “Adaptive Health Management Technology”, ARINC Engineering Services, LLC, Dr. Renee M. Kent

3895 “Fully Integrated Life Management System”, Ohio Aerospace Institute, Andrew Gyekenyesi

4028 “Hybrid Model-based Approach to Advanced Health Managent”, MIT, Brian Williams

4301 “Coordinated Multisource Maintenance on Demand”, USC ISI, Dr. Robert Neches

4728 “Autonomic Health Management for Space Habitats”, Washington University in St. Louis, William D. Smart

4976 “An Acoustic and Vibration Sensing Grid for Health Monit”, Raytheon, Robert Stamm

Human-Automation Interaction

824 “Team-Centered Virtual Adaptive Automation”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Randy Stiles

899 “Affordable and Sustainable 21st Century Mission Operations:”, University of Minnesota, Caroline Clarke Hayes

1213 “Tas-aware spoken dialogue control of robotic assistants”, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, James Allen

1376 “Dynamically reconfigurable procedures for crew autonomy”, Metrica Inc., David Kortenkamp

1805 “Multi-modal interfaces for human-automation collaborati”, University of California/Santa Cruz, John Dowding

2073 “Diffusion of Medic Skills Across Space Flight Crews”, HRL Laboratories, LLC, Cheryl M. Hein

2207 “Accessing conversations: integration of speech data int”, University of California Santa Cruz, Beth Ann Hockey

2657 “Simulation based Human-Robot collaboration …”, QSS Group, Inc., Lorenzo FlÃ1/4ckiger

2805 “Multimodal Teleoperated Acquisition and Manipulation”, Stanford University, Kenneth Salisbury

3513 “Robotic Test Drive: Universal Anthropomorphic Proc.”, QSS Group, INC., Greg Pisanich

3778 “Affordable Mission Design Excellence: Dynamic Interdepe”, Honeywell International, Michael Dorneich

3852 “Multimodal Integration among Robots, Agents, and People”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Victor Zue

4245 “Human/Robot Symbiosis for Effective Extravehicular Ops”, University of Maryland, Dr. David L. Akin

4286 “Mixed-Initiative Implicit Human-Robot Interaction for M”, Vanderbilt University, Julie A. Adams

4621 “Multi-Modal Workstations: Metrics and Devices”, Stanford University, Kenneth Salisbury

4637 “Virtual Ears: Restoring Situational Awareness via Audio”, PARC, Patrick Cheung

4699 “Virtual Crewember Intelligent Astronaut Assistant”, University of West Florida, Anil Raj

4896 “Adapting to Uncertainty in HRI Assembly Interfaces”, Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Blair MacIntyre

Modeling Simulation and Visualization

1971 “End-to-End Mission Modeling and Simulation Environment”, Universities Space Research Association (USRA), Maarten Sierhuis

3887 “Planning and Simulation for Mission Design Validation”, United Space Alliance, Cindy Marie Kurt

4492 “Automated and Trajectory Specific Flare/CME Forecaster”, Rice University, David Alexander

4648 “Verification and Validation of Modeling and Simulation”, Vanderbilt University, Sankaran Mahadevan

Multi-Agent Teaming

1232 “Reconfigurable Robot Teams for Surface Operations”, Palo Alto Research Center, Markus P.J. Fromherz

2029 “Lunar Habitat Construction Using Multi-Robot Teams”, University of Southern California, Gaurav Sukhatme

2509 “Scalable robot teams for planetary construction”, Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Katia Sycara

2799 “Robotic Surveying and Mapping”, Carnegie Mellon University, Reid Simmons

3355 “Smart Multi-Agent Robotic Team (SMART)”, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Professor Stephen Rock

4176 “Composing the right team and building the team right”, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Ph.D.

Software Engineering and Reliability

942 “Cost Effective, Reliable, Human Rated Software”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Jon Hagar

1493 “Continuous Autonomous Software Revalidation”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Stephen Scukanec

1678 “A Transferable Methodology for V&V of Autonomy Software”, Kestrel Technology, Allen Goldberg

1995 “Model-Driven Software Development for Exploration”, QSS Group Inc., Jon Whittle

2413 “Dependable Real-Time and Embedded Space Software”, Carnegie Mellon University, Jonathan Aldrich

3336 “Small-Vehicle Control withScalable Robust Middleware”, The Boeing Company, David Corman

4516 “Crew-Autonomy Interface Technologies”, Adastra Labs, LLC, Jannick P. Rolland, Ph.D.

4779 “Model-Centric Safety Critical Java for Exploration”, Kestrel Institute, Matthias Anlauff

4922 “Reducing Risk with Autonomous Software Repair (rev. 2)”, QSS Group, Inc., Richard Levinson

SISM Other

4803 “CEV and Moon/Mars Habitat Contingency Training System”, DigitalSpace Corporation, Bruce Damer

Power, Propulsion and Chemical Systems (PPCS)

Chemical Propulsion

382 “Advanced SCAT Engine”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Ray Fuller

640 “Modular Reconfigurable Micro Rocket Engine”, The Boeing Company, George H. Prueger

718 “Variable Thrust Pintle Descent/Ascent Engine”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Kathy Gavitt

722 “Upper Stage Engine Thrust Chamber Technology”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Arturo Casillas

1110 “MEMS, High Perfomance, LOX-Hydrocarbon Rocket Engines”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alan Epstein

1287 “Variable thrust engine (1kN class) for lunar and Mars l”, Science Applications International Corporation, Dr. S. Eidelman

2211 “Development of Metal/CO2 Propulsion System for Mars Mis”, Purdue University, Arvind Varma

2534 “Development of Environmentally Clean Fuel for Rocket Pr”, University of Maryland, Ashwani Gupta

2722 “High-Performance, Storable-Bipropellant Propulsion”, Ultramet, Art Fortini

3582 “Variable Thrust Rocket Engine for Operation in Lunar En”, University of Maryland, Ashwani K. Gupta

3670 “Advanced Hydrocarbon Fuels for High Energy Space System”, Air Force Research Laboratory, Ronald W. Bates

3939 “Deep Throttling In Situ Muti Fuel Engine System”, Pratt & Whitney, Jorge Santiago

4668 “LOX/Cryogenic Propylene (LCP) for Rocket Propulsion”, Firestar Engineering, LLC, K. Mark Caviezel

Electric Propulsion

3864 “Determining Lifetime of Very High Power Hall Thrusters”, University of Michigan, Iain D. Boyd

Energy Conversion

307 “(In,P)GaAs/GeSi/Si High Specific Power Solar Array”, US Naval Research Laboratory, Robert J. Walters

643 “Stretched Lens Array Critical Technology Advances”, ENTECH, Inc., Mark O’Neill

984 “MEMS Bipropellant Electric Power System”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alan Epstein

1028 “PEM Fuel Cell Power Plant Using Passive Components”, Teledyne Energy Systems,

1569 “Ultra-High Specific Power Density Solar Blanket”, Boeing Spectrolab, Inc., Nasser Karam

1936 “Micro combustion engine for space exploration missions”, University of California, Berkeley, Albert P. Pisano

2111 “Adv Materials and Components for Regenerative PEMFCs”, Giner, Inc., Cecelia Cropley

2191 “Regenerative Fuel Cell”, Georgia Institute of Technology, Thomas F. Fuller

3470 “A New Class of High Efficiency, High Specific Power Pho”, Emcore, Inc., Dr. Daniel J. Aiken

3881 “Ultra-Lightweight Monolithically Integrated Thin Film A”, United Solar Ovonic Corporation, Subhendu Guha

4092 “Flexible CIGS-based Phovoltaic Modules for Space”, ITN Energy Systems, Inc., Dr. Garth Jensen

4160 “Laser Power Beaming (LPB) Utilizing Power Sphere(PS):”, United Innovations, Inc., Dr. Ugur Ortabasi

4193 “PEM Fuel Cell with AFZ-NM and CNT-ECs”, University of California, Yushan Yan

4290 “High Rate/High Energy CFx Demonstration for Space Appli”, EaglePicher Industries, Incorporated, Robert Higgins

4630 “High Specific Power Photovoltaics with High Efficiency”, The Ohio State University, Steven A. Ringel

4687 “High-Efficiency, High-Specific Power a-Si Solar Array”, University of Toledo, Xunming Deng

9999 “Self-Deploying Autonomous Power Generation”, Lockheed Martin, Bernie Carpenter

Energy Storage

858 “Advanced Batteries for Space”, T/J Technologies Inc., Dr. Suresh Mani

916 “High Energy Density Regenerative Power Systems”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, D. Larry Clark

4217 “Ultra-Safe (450wHr/kg) Polymer Space Battery”, Quallion LLC, Dr. Hisashi Tsukamoto


622 “Sample Acquisition for Materials in Planetary Expl”, Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC), Dr. Eric E. Rice

888 “Advanced Technologies for ISRU”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, D. Larry Clark

1860 “Firestarter: Lunar Mining Using Robot Swarms”, iRobot Corporation, Brian Yamauchi

2099 “Compact In-Situ Resource Extraction for Lunar Propellants”, Oregon State University,

2123 “ILMENOX”, British Titanium,

3509 “Propellant Production by Plasma Dissociation of CO2”, Drexel University, Alexander A. Fridman

3616 “Single Technology for RFC, ISRU & Life Support Systems”, The University of Arizona, Dr. Christine Schroeder Iacomini

3905 “Microchannel In Situ Propellant Production System”, Battelle Memorial Institute, Kriston Brooks

3907 “Extraction of Oxygen from Mars Atmosphere using Solid E”, Ceramatec, Inc., James J. Steppan, Ph.D.

Power Management and Distribution

922 “High Voltage/Temperature Electronics for Space Exploration”, The Boeing Company, Thomas Hertel

975 “High Temp Space Power Electronics Building Block”, Battelle Memorial Institute, Dr. James Saunders

1746 “Reconfigurable, Modular PMAD Power Converter”, The Boeing Company, Thomas Lynch

2193 “Adaptive Power Management for Extended Operations”, USRA – RIACS, Dr. Ari Jonsson

2434 “Development of a 500 kWe PPU for Solar Powered EP”, Aerojet, Robert Kay

Thermal Management

349 “Advanced Two-Phase Thermal Management Systems”, Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc., Donald Ernst

1497 “Thermal Management System for Large Space Power”, AZ Technology, Inc., Donald R. Wilkes

1882 “Distributed Therm. Mgmt for Zero Boil Off Cryo Storage”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Emanuel Tward

2478 “Two Phase Thermal Management System Models”, Hamilton Sundstrand, Dr. Scott Downing

3868 “Lunar Regolith as a Heat Source/Sink and Energy Storage”, US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Lab., Dr. Gary Phetteplace

3920 “Advanced Thermal Management System”, Swales Aerospace, David Wolf

Novel Power Technologies

1700 “Diode-Pumped Alkali Laser Power Beaming”, Kare Technical Consulting, Jordin T. Kare

2423 “Maturation of Low-Mass High Power Space-Based Laser System”, University of Alabama Huntsville,

Novel Propulsion Concepts

669 “MEMS Colloid Thruster Arrays for Micro-Spacecraft”, TDA Research, James Nabity

2005 “Faraday Accelerator with Radiofrequency Assisted Discha”, Princeton University, Edgar Choueiri

3750 “Turboaccelerator Propulsion Demo for Earth to Orbit Sys”, Alliant Techsystems, Stephen A Beckel

3779 “Thermal Management System for Magnetoplasma Rockets”, Creare Incorporated, Anthony J. Dietz, PhD

4962 “Third Fluid Cooled Liquid Rocket Engine Technology”, Alliant Techsystems, Vladimir Balepin, Ph.D.

PPCS Other

2133 “Extraction of Oxygen from Mars Atmosphere using Solid E”, Auburn University, Henry W. Brandhorst, Jr.

Technology Maturation Program (TMP)

High Energy Space Systems (HESS)

Deep-Throttling Multi-Use InSpace Cryogenic Engine

609 “Deep Throttling, Multi-Use LOX/LH2 Turbopump(s)”, Allison Advanced Development Company (AADC), Patrick Sweeney

706 “Deep Throttling LOX/LH2 Thrust Chamber Assembly”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Chuck Papesh

Deep-Throttling Multi-Use In-Space Cryogenic Engines

919 “Throttling Restartable Space-Storable Cryogenic Rocket”, XCOR Aerospace, Jeffrey K. Greason

1002 “Scaleable, Pump-Fed, In-Space Cryogenic Engine Demonstration”, The Boeing Company, W. Sack

1030 “Deep Throttling, Multi-Use/Propellant Cryogen Engine”, Pratt & Whitney, Jorge Santiago

1123 “Two Fluids Propulsion and Power Module”, The Boeing Company, Daniel J. Levack

1143 “Critical Thrust Chamber Demo for Cryogenic Space Engine”, The Boeing Company, Jon C Volkmann

1812 “Non-Toxic Throttling RCS Thruster”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Bernard Jackson

2218 “Multi-Use, Adaptable, In-Space Propulsion Vortex Cryoge”, Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC), Dr. Eric E. Rice

2374 “Modular Oxygen/ Methane Propulsive Stage Demonstration”, KT Engineering, David B. Sisk

3442 “High-Reliability, DeepThrottle, Multi-Use Prop Feed Sys”, University of Alabama in Huntsville, James. B. Blackmon, Ph.D.

High Efficincy Power and Low-Mass Electromagnetic Propulsion Systems

1815 “High Thrust Hall Thruster System”, Aerojet, Jack Fisher

2637 “Megawatt-Class Solar Power System for SEP”, The Boeing Company, Ken Metcalf

2708 “MW-Class MPD Electric Propulsion System Demonstration”, The Boeing Company, Mike McDowell

2814 “High Power Hall Effect Thruster Cluster”, Busek Co. Inc., James Szabo

High-Effiency Low Mass Solar Power Generation Systems

1743 “Modular Mass Efficient Solar Array (MMESA)”, Northrop Grumman Corp., Mark Kruer

2852 “Stretched Lens Array SquareRigger Tech. Maturation”, ENTECH, Inc., Mark O’Neill

3857 “Maturation of High Power Thin Film GaAs Solar Cell Tech”, Mitsubishi International Corporation, Sadakatsu Okabe

Highly-Rel./Auto Deep-Space Cryogenic Propellant Refuel Systems

385 “Modular Composite LH2 Storage Tanks”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Tod Palm

684 “Affordable Light Weight Long Duration Cryo Storage”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bernard F. Kutter

717 “In-Space Cryogenic Propellant Transfer (ICPT) Tech”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Neil Dipprey

2233 “Low Boil-off Deep-Space Cryogenic Storage Tanks”, The Boeing Company, Dr. Sami M. El-Soudani

3358 “High Performance Zero Boiloff Hydrogen Storage System”, Stirling Technology COmpany, Dr. Songgang Qiu

4437 “Autonomous Deep Space Cryogenic Refueling System”, Moog Inc., Duff Bushway

Large Low Mass Aero Assist Systems

967 “Development of a Hypercone Aero Assist System”, Vertigo, Inc., Glen Brown

1602 “Deployable Skirt System (DSS) for Aero-assist Systems”, Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation, Cliff Fukuda

1763 “Reusable Lunar Return Aerocapture Shield”, Northrop Grumman Corp., Stephen McCleskey

2290 “Modular Deployable / Stowable Variable Lift Aerobrake”, Piedra-Sombra Corporation, Inc., Dr. William C. Stone

2318 “Lightweight Durable Thermal Protection Systems”, The Boeing Company, David J. Mitchell, Ph.D.

4890 “Thermal Protection System & Heat Resistant Structures”, Snecma, Marc Lacoste

Novel High Energy Space Systems Demonstations

1322 “Cryogenic Fluid Storage & Transfer Design & Ground Demo”, The Boeing Company, Frank Chandler

2380 “A Megawatt of Electrical Power on Day One of Lunar Oper”, Solaren Corporation, Dr. James Soash

9999 “Laser-Augmented Mobility Power (LAMP)”, The Boeing Company, Mark Henley

Advanced Space Platforms and Systems (ASPS)

Communication Networks and Systems

1094 “Space Communications Testbed”, ViaSat, Inc., Moorthy Hariharan

1177 “Radiation and Fault Tolerant Spacecraft Network System”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Steve Mason

1499 “Modular Reliable Space Exploration Network”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Prasanta Bose

1900 “Real-Time Nav System for Autonomous Position Determinat”, Johns Hopkins Univ. Applied Physics Laboratory, Robert S. Bokulic

Integrated System Health Management

882 “Mote Maturation for Exploration”, Science Applications International Corporation, Edward A. Weisblatt

883 “Auto Remediation via Intelligent Embedded Sensing”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Prasanta Bose

1216 “Diagnostics to Improve Safety and Autonomy”, Honeywell, Gordon Aaseng

1242 “Maintenance and Safety for Reusable Space Assets”, Honeywell, Dimitry Gorinevsky

1795 “Integrated System Health Management for Modular Systems”, Northrop Grumman Corp., Erwin Baumann

2592 “Robust, Scalable, Structural Health Management Technolo”, The Aerospace Corporation, Dr. Juan F. Betts

3880 “Automated Fault Diagnosis for Effective Response”, United Space Alliance, Cindy Marie Kurt

4798 “Universal C4 Science-Engine for NASA Systems”, Arizona State University, Armando A. Rodriguez

Intelligent Modular Systems

896 “Modular, Multifunctional, Reconfigurable SuperBot”, University of Southern California, Dr. Wei-Min Shen

615 “Autonomous In-Space Reconfiguration Interface”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Hobson Lane

928 “Intelligent Modular System Interface Adapter”, The Boeing Company, Dr. James Huang

1352 “Integr Multifunct Reconfigurable Structural Modules”, Northrop Grumman Corp., Al Barrett

1448 “Flexible Modular Structures for Space Systems”, The Boeing Company, Michael Nolan

1520 “The Java Flight Software Reference Platform”, IBM, William Millett

1749 “Reusable Autonomous Intelligent Control System”, IBM, Dennis Carroll

1792 “Reconfig Grid Computing for Intelligent Avionics System”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Rajkumar Ajodha

2113 “Testbed for V&V of Autonomous Systems & Technology”, Applied Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State U., Dr. Charles Zentner

2170 “Modular robotic elements (MRE)”, EADS, Wolf-Peter Foth

2710 “Automated Failure Recovery of Habitation Servicers”, University of California, J. Michael McCarthy

3959 “Robust Deployable & Reconfigurable E-Truss”, United Space Alliance, Jim Fletcher

4975 “Reconfigurable Electronics with Functional Reactive Prg”, TopQuadrant, Inc, Ralph Hodgson

Robust Reconfigurable Habitation Systems

917 “Lunar/Mars Architecture Inflatable Habitat Demo.”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Jerry Posey

1269 “Inflatable Space Hab. Technology Flight Demonstration”, Bigelow Development Aerospace Division, LLC, Bigelow Aerospace

1724 “Robust Multifunctional Composite Habitat Systems Dev”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Tod Palm

1802 “Inflatable Airlock Technology Maturation”, Honeywell International, Allen MacKnight

2508 “STEPS – HABOT”, The Boeing Company, Mark Henley

Novel Platform Systems Concept Demonstrations

4246 “Scalable In Space Structure Assembly/Repair”, MIT, Daniela Rus

Advanced Space Operations (ASO)

Intelligent and Affordable On-Board Ops Systems

606 “Astronaut Automation Interaction Management System”, Honeywell, Olu Olofinboba

Intelligent and On Board Operations Systems

1106 “Space Operations to Enable Lunar Access”, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Tim Brand

1202 “Spacecraft Behavior Prediction/Resolution Framework”, General Dynamics, Mark Coats

1416 “On-board autonomy using Integrated Vehicle Mgt”, Honeywell, Philip A. Scandura, Jr.

2104 “Autonom. scheduling & coordination for explor. missions”, Soligence Corporation, Dr. Dan Tzur

3638 “A Situation Awareness & Decision-Support Tool Suite”, Raytheon, Tom F Cochrane

3866 “Embedded Just-In-Time Training”, United Space Alliance, William S. Oâ€(tm)Keefe

4757 “An Integrated Testbed for Crew-Centered Operaitons”, Univ of California Berkeley, Shankar Sastry

Reliable and Responsive Ground Operations Systems

1196 “Network-Centric Environment for an Effective Space Oper”, The Boeing Company, Van Bullington

1711 “Scheduling In-Orbit and Surface Construction EVA”, Universities Space Research Association, Ari Jonsson

1762 “A Highly Modularized Tiered Virtual Control Center”, IBM, Dennis Carroll

2183 “Audio Knowledge Banking for NASA Operation”, University of California Santa Cruz, Beth Ann Hockey

2588 “First Ever Autonomous Cryo. Prop. Servicing Capability”, Air Force Research Laboratory, Gregory E. Moster

2898 “Next Generation Multi-Robot Ground Control”, MD Robotics, Christian Sallaberger

3412 “Maturation of Software-Intensive Exploration Systems Th”, Carnegie Mellon University, Vadim Kotov

4612 “Semantic Command and Control Environments”, TopQuadrant, Inc, Ralph Hodgson

Space Assembly Maintenance and Servicing Systems

678 “Immersive Tele-supervision for Adjustable Autonomy”, The Boeing Company, Steven C. Venema

625 “Robust Motion Planning for Space Inspection”, University of Maryland, Ella Atkins

1204 “Autonomous Walking Inspection and Maintenance Robot (AW”, Northrop Grumman Corp., Hobson Lane

1578 “Auto Assy & Reconfig of Large-Scale Space Systems”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Nelson Pedreiro, Ph.D.

1583 “Verifiable Architecture for Space Assembly Systems”, RIACS/USRA, Johann Schumann

1698 “Plug and Play Docking System for On-orbit Assembly”, Microcosm, Inc., Thomas Morphopolous

2024 “A Test Verified Model of the Low Impact Docking System”, Dynamic Concepts, Inc., Dr. Patrick Tobbe

2144 “Control System for Robotic Servicing Infrastructure”, EADS, Wolfgang Paetsch

2507 “Small In-space Reusable Robotic Inspection Sensors”, Schafer Corporation, Daniel Dean

2840 “In-Space Fabrication and Repair”, Colorado School of Mines, Dr. John J. Moore

3803 “Inherently Safe Design of Human-Use Robot Technology”, Stanford University, Oussama Khatib

4120 “Wide Area Prospecting Using Supervised Autonomous Robot”, Carnegie Mellon University, John M. Dolan

4376 “Modular Truss Element for In-Space or Surface Self-Asse”, University of California at Santa Cruz, Gabriel Hugh Elkaim

4698 “Demonstration of Self-Assembling Tensegrity Components”, Akima Tech-Link, LLC, Mr. Ravi Venugopal

Novel Space Operations Demonstation

1702 “Precision Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology Demo”, The Boeing Company, Robert Frampton

3691 “Revolutionary Flexibility in Space Operations”, Computer Sciences Corporation, Jay Pollack

Lunar and Planetary Surface Operations (LPSO)

In Situ Resources Utilization Systems

725 “Carbothermal Lunar Regolith Processing System”, Orbital Technologies Corporation (ORBITEC), Robert Gustafson

909 “Integrated ISRU for Propellant Production”, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Dr. Larry Clark

1826 “Planetary Photovoltaic Sys Manufacturing Demo Test Bed”, The Boeing Company, Edward D. Mc Cullough

1868 “Analysis and Test of Lunar Power/Propellant Generation”, Andrews Space, Inc., Dr. Dana Andrews

1893 “Radiation & Micro-meteorite Shielded Habitat Formation”, KinetX, Inc., Dr. Lyman Hazelton

2632 “Modular Reconfigurable ISRU Building Blocks”, Battelle Memorial Institute, Ward TeGrotenhuis

3356 “Autonomous In-Situ Resources Prospector”, Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp, Richard Dissly

3413 “ISRU Propellant Generation”, Technology Applications, Inc., Dr. Robert A. Mohling

3871 “Modular Regolith Characterization Instrument Suite for”, U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center, Dr. Jerome B. Johnson

3952 “Lunar Resource Utilization For Thin Film Solar Cell Fab”, University of Houston, Alex Ignatiev

4721 “Subsurface Access/Sample Handler for ISRU assesment”, Honeybee Robotics, Stephen Gorevan

Intelligent & Agile Surface Mobility Systems

653 “Common Rover Chassis (CRC) for Exploration”, Andrews Space, Inc., Allan S. Hill

705 “Astronaut Surface Mobility Assistant (ASMA)”, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Hobson Lane

872 “First-Concept Robotic Vehicles Serving as Technolo”, Case Western Reserve University, Roger D. Quinn

2568 “Control of mobile LPSO surface systems via standardized”, Carnegie Mellon University, Charles Thorpe

4164 “Sun-Synchrony for Polar Exploration by Mobile Systems”, MD Robotics, Christian Sallaberger

4182 “Dev. of Adv. Power for I&A Surface Mobility Systems”, Intelligent Energy Limited, Richard Root Woods

4946 “Low-Cost Distributed Teleoperation Centers”, Platform Digital, LLC, Peter Coppin

Surface Environmental Management Systems

2618 “Bypassing EVA Suits – The “Palanquin” Approach”, QSS Group Inc., Greg Pisanich

Surface Manufacturing and Construction Systems

970 “Large Inflatable Agile Crane and Rover”, The Boeing Company, David B. Smith

1849 “Endymion: Robot Swarms for Constructing Lunar Habitats”, iRobot Corporation, Brian Yamauchi

3736 “Lunar Construction Using Contour Crafting”, University of Southern California, Behrokh Khoshnevis

In-Space Technology Experiments Program (InSTEP)

Technology Flight Experiment Accomodations

1102 “High Orbit Spacecraft Testbed Technology Demonstrator”, The Boeing Company, Dr. Gary Pippin

1834 “Space Technology Experiment Platform – Returnable”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Prof. David W. Miller

4154 “Novel Hybrid Based Test Bed”, Space Development,

Technology Flight Experiment Definition

1091 “Accessing Weak Signal GPS for Lunar Missions”, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, Mark S. Asher

1195 “Radiation Immune 20 Year Gyro”, L-3 Communications, Dr. Robert Danehy

2697 “High Voltage Solar Arrays Scaleable to 500 kW Missions”, Science Applications International Corporation, Gary Jongeward

2735 “Advanced Space Provisioning, Apparel”, The North Face, Inc., Damien Huang

2878 “Fault-Aware, Modular, Reconfigurable Space Processor”, Information Sciences Institute, Dr. John N. Damoulakis

4190 “Deployed low-res

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