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NASA Hubble Space Telescope Daily Report #4857

By SpaceRef Editor
June 5, 2009
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HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE – Continuing to collect World Class Science


PERIOD COVERED: 5am June 1 – 5am June 2, 2009 (DOY 152/0900z-153/0900z)


COS/NUV/S/C 11355

COS NUV Initial On-Orbit Turn-On and Recovery after Anomalous Shutdown

This proposal is designed for the initial turn-on of the COS NUV MAMA detector. The same procedure may later be used to recover the detector after an anomalous shutdown. Anomalous shutdowns can occur as a result of bright object violations which trigger the Bright Scene Detection or Software Global Monitor. Anomalous shutdowns can also occur as a result of MAMA hardware problems. The Initial MAMA turn-on consists of three tests: a signal processing electronics check; a slow high voltage ramp-up to an intermediate voltage; and a slow high voltage ramp-up to the full operating voltage. During each of the two high voltage ramp-ups, diagnostics are performed during a dark time-tag exposure. The turn-on is followed by a MAMA Fold Analysis Test. The complete sequence is contained in visits 1 through 4. If a second execution is required during cycle 17, visits 5 through 8 will be run and another proposal prepared for possible future occurrences.

Supports Activities COS-04 and COS-07

FGS/S/C 11458

Optimizing FGS2R2 Performance with the AMA

This proposal satisfies SMOV4 AD OTA/FGSS-054. S-curves with PUPIL and F583W will be obtained at selected locations within the FGS2R2 FOV during SMOV4. These data will be will be used to adjust the AMA so as to align the HST pupil onto the interferometer’s Koesters prisms. The final AMA position will be set to produce an acceptable set of S-curves across the FGS2R2 FOV. The AMA will be adjusted using CCL/instructions from the ground. It is intended that this proposal executes during the SMOV4 BEA and will require several (on the order of 4) iterations to achieve optimal interferometric performance.

STIS4 11349

Mechanism Mini-Functional

Move mechanisms, except the corrector, through the full range of previous on-orbit motion to redistribute lubricant and verify operability. Wait at least one minute after each move to allow telemetry to update so moves can be verified. Supports Activity STIS-04


Significant Spacecraft Anomalies: (The following are preliminary reports of potential non-nominal performance that will be investigated.)

HSTARS: (None)


18462-0 – RMGA Power On/Off (06/09) (Routine) @ 152/1936z

18472-1 – Execute ROP NS-14, STIS MAMA Recovery after MCE Reset @ 152/0629z



FGS GSAcq 7 7
FGS REAcq 0 0
OBAD with Maneuver 3 3


Flash Reports:

-Part 2 of the COS NUV init turn-on was successfully competed at 152/17:22

-OPS Request 18462 was successfully executed on June 1, 2009 to perform preventative maintenance of the Retrieval Mode Gyro Assembly. RMGA was powered on at GMT 152/18:35 to provide lubrication to the backup gyro’s bearings. Following completion of this maintenance an hour later, the RMGA was powered off.

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