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NASA Haughton Mars Project 2003: Photo Report: An Unexpected Visit

By SpaceRef Editor
July 19, 2003
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On Saturday 19 July 2003 HMP Base Camp received a refueling request from a helicopter which had orignally been heading from Eureka to Grise Fiord. Bad weather forced the helicopter to divert tor Resolute – however it need to take on additional fuel to make it to Resolute.

As is always the case in the arctic, such unexpected visits can be used to one’s advantage. In this case Rainer Effenhauser from NASA JSC had hoped to get back to Houston a bit earlier than originally planned. However, a flight that would have taken him to Resolute had been postponed. This unexpected helicopter visit offered HMP Managment an opportunity to meet Rainer’s needs while helping out a neighbor at the same time.

HMP image

HMP PI Pascal Lee (also a helicopter pilot himself) waits at a distance as the helicopter finishes post-touchdown procedures.

HMP image

Jamie Kalluk from Resolute Bay holds onto Zahn and Qimmiq (who want to say hello to our visitors) as the helicopter lands.

HMP image

Rainer Effenhausen, M.D. NASA/JSC stands in front of the helicopter as final refueling is completed.

HMP image

As is the case with most aircraft in the arctic, this one is full of stuff. Room is made for Rainer’s luggage none the less

HMP image

Rainer waves farewell as he boards.

HMP image

Helicoper departs to the southwest – towards Resolute Bay.

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