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NASA GSFC Small Business Conference

By SpaceRef Editor
December 2, 2004
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General Information

Document Type: Sources Sought Notice

Solicitation Number: 1103MVP

Posted Date: Dec 02, 2004

Original Response Date: Dec 20, 2004

Current Response Date: Dec 20, 2004

Original Archive Date: Dec 02, 2005

Current Archive Date: Dec 02, 2005

Classification Code: R — Professional, administrative, and management support services

Naics Code: 541611 — Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Contracting Office Address

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 210, Greenbelt, MD 20771


NASA/GSFC is hereby soliciting information about potential sources for Conference Event Planning for the 32nd Annual Small Business Conference. NAICS Code: 541611, Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center will host its 32nd Annual Small Business Conference on May 12, 2005, in Greenbelt, MD.    

The event will provide marketing opportunities to Small Business Companies that are seeking contracts with NASA and other Federal Government agencies. NASA is seeking a Small Business Company to assist with the conference event planning.    

The contractor shall pay all up-front charges including cost to reserve the conference facility as well as all catering needs for the event. Additionally, the contractor shall be responsible for providing a wide range of unique services to provide full support of the Small Business Conference.    

Services will include and are not limited to:

1. Create and design a web site for on-line registration and conference information to be approved by the Conference Chairperson.

2. Mail registration invitations to a list of vendors provided by the Chairperson and to any vendor that may request an invitation.

3. Maintain a database of participants that register to attend the conference.

4. Recommend Conference site selection and upon approval of the Conference Chairperson, send a deposit/payment for cost to the vendor within 5 business days of selection by NASA.

5. Collect registration fees through pre-registration and provide on-line receipt of payment to the vendor by providing a confirmation letter/Email receipt to paid participants up to one week prior to the event.

6. Collect all fees associated with the conference, fees may vary according to a payment scale developed by the Industry Assistance Office Team members.

7. Participate in weekly status meetings via in person or via teleconferencing with the Conference Chairperson.

8. Examine and monitor any expenditure not authorized by the Chairperson notifying her of any discrepancies immediately.

9. Send Chairperson a bi-weekly Report showing the charges against the Purchase Order and the Cumulative total charges against the Work Order.

10. Provide Chairperson with a Final attendees list within 14 days prior to the conference in hard copy and diskette format.

11. Set up conference site facility the day before the event and conduct a walk-thru of the site with the Conference Chairperson and the Industry Assistance Team. 1

2. NASA/GSFC will issue a Purchase Order of payment (within 14 business days of the contractor’s selection) for Conference Support with a minimum of 200 paid guests, which will include Government Attendees, Contractor Counselors and Contractor Registrants.

13. Mail conference materials to any paid vendor that did not attend the Conference.

14. Make Final payment to the Conference site facility within 14 business days of Contractor’s selection to perform the conference support event. If you are interested in this requirement, please contact the Conference Chairperson, Ms. Malores Pridgeon, to schedule a time/date to visit NASA for an interview.

You may reach Ms. Pridgeon via Email at, or at (301) 286-4379.     It will not be necessary to submit a formal proposal.    

A contractor will be selected based on your understanding of the requirement and their ability to provide all services required. The interview panel may request a list of prior conferences you have supported.

Point of Contact

Malores V Pridgeon, Administrative Business Specialist, Phone (301) 286-4379, Fax (301) 286-0257, Email – Malores V Pridgeon, Administrative Business Specialist, Phone (301) 286-4379, Fax (301) 286-0257, Email

Email your questions to Malores V Pridgeon at

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