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NASA GSFC Management Council Meeting 22 Jan 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
January 22, 2001
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  • Attended the GEST Center dedication on Friday.  The event went very well.
  • Mr. Goldin will be staying on for an indefinite period of time.
  • Distributed agenda/directions for Executive Council Retreat.
  • Will travel to IV&V Facility in West Virginia on Friday.
  • Board of Directors meeting was held on Tuesday to discuss the Facilities Master Plan.
  • Met with HQ/S Weiler on Thursday regarding Facilities Master Plan.


  • Balloon program review was held last week.  Review was not completed, and another meeting will be scheduled for February.
  • The Sounding Rocket Return to Flight review was held last week.  The decision was made to return to flight.
  • Met with HQ/S SEC management on Thursday regarding steps to improve communication.  Meeting went well.
  • Met with AFRL on Tuesday regarding detailee position.  Will look at exchange.


  • Integrated Business Plan presentations with Directorates are scheduled for this week.
  • Will attend HQ/S Monthly Review on Thursday.


  • Information Science and Technology Visiting Committee meeting is scheduled for this week.  (Agenda was distributed.)


  • Congressman Mollihan’s staffer will visit IV&V Facility on 1/24/01.
  • Journalists at MIT will visit GSFC on 1/25/01.
  • Interview on Cray Computer is scheduled for 1/25/01.
  • All Hands meeting is scheduled for 2/01/01.


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  • Received feedback from Visiting Committee.  Will respond to feedback, and final report will follow.


  • MAP meeting went well.
  • Looking at problem with capacitors.
  • Working debris analysis with JSC.


  • John Campbell is on travel this week.
  • Incident on NOAA-16–lost CPU 1.  Are still investigating.
  • Working contamination issue on MBLA.


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  • Attended American Meteorological Society meeting last week.
  • Al Chang was elected an IEEE Fellow.
  • Modeling report is out.


  • Will be hosting the Third Annual Financial and Resources Forum on Wednesday.
  • POP call schedule – HQ is asking for earlier input.  Meeting is scheduled for this afternoon to discuss.
  • Final data is in on Workforce Process.  Data to be prepared for Executive Council.


  • The Office of Government Ethics will conduct an audit the week of 2/12/01.  Remind individuals who received notices from Code 140 to correct their Financial
    Disclosure Reports promptly.  Also, remind supervisors to fill out and return to Code 140 the New Employee Forms.


  • Technical Review Process meetings are scheduled this week with HQ/AE, Q, S, and Y.
  • MAP Test Readiness Review was held last week.  Many open paper issues to be worked.
  • HESSI filter issue being worked.
  • Met with IV&V Facility last week on TIMED. 


  • Tom White, Chief of the Logistics Division, has retired after 30 years of Government service.  His last day was 1/16/01.  He has accepted a position with private
  • The Annual Property Accountability Custodian training is scheduled for today from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. in the Building 8 Auditorium.  Makeup sessions will be
  • The OIG has issued their final report on the Agencywide use of support service contractors at NASA.  The OIG made six recommendations to HQ/F and H, and
    management concurred with the recommendations.
  • The Cost per Copy Draft RFO was released on 1/18/01.  Comments are due by 2/2/01.  The presolicitation conference is scheduled for 2/12/01.
  • The Mechanical Systems Engineering Services contract for Code 500 was awarded to Swales and Associates on 1/16/01.  It is a potential $350M IDIQ contract.
  • The HQ/H survey team will be at GSFC on 1/22/01 for a 2-week assessment of procurement at Greenbelt and WFF.  The report will go to the Center Director on
  • The GAO Lessons Learned Review Entrance Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, 1/23/01.  Rich Day is the GSFC point of contact.


  • The JOVE program ended this year.  Will be combined with the Summer Faculty Fellowship Program.   Meetings will be held this week to discuss.


  • Copies of the NAPA Report can be obtained from Code 110.
  • Distributed Washington Post article on Federal Workforce.


  • Diversity profiles are due today. 

  • SpaceRef staff editor.