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NASA GSFC: Advanced Notice of Invitation to Receive Further Information on MAR Compliance for RAPID Spacecraft Acquisition — RAPID II

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August 20, 2009
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Synopsis – Aug 19, 2009

General Information

Solicitation Number: N/A
Reference Number: NNG09207304-J
Posted Date: Aug 19, 2009
FedBizOpps Posted Date: Aug 19, 2009
Recovery and Reinvestment Act Action: No
Original Response Date: Aug 24, 2009
Current Response Date: Aug 24, 2009
Classification Code: 18 — Space vehicles
NAICS Code: 336414 – Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing
Set-Aside Code:

Contracting Office Address

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Code 210.I, Greenbelt, MD 20771



The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)/Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) issued draft Request for Proposals (DRFP) NNG09207304J, on July 13, 2009, for the RSA – RAPID III procurement. Part of draft RFP included the MAR, describing the contract baseline safety and mission assurance requirements for the spacecraft development and related services that will be applicable under any RSA Contract. The applicable MAR requirements are defined as “Class D”, as referenced under NASA Procedural Requirement [NPR] 8705.4. We received numerous questions with regards to the MAR, a number of which asked about compliance and whether existing industry practices satisfied the specific requirements. As a result, NASA plans to post, prior to release of the final RFP, a revised MAR, answers to the MAR questions, and an invitation to potential offerors to submit information related to their MAR implementation plans (MAIPs). An offeror is not required to submit this information related to their MAIP. This will, however, be an opportunity to receive Government feedback on your potential viability in satisfying the MAR requirements. The submission of this information is not a pre-requisite for submitting a proposal to the RSA RFP.

A. Presolicitation:

This is an advanced notice of a future invitation (in the form of a Request for Information (RFI)) for potential offerors to submit information related to their contemplated MAIP for planning purposes. The objective of this release is: to invite potential offerors to submit information that allows the Government to provide feedback about their possible implementation plan, in part or in full; to improve potential offerors’ understanding of the Government’s requirements; and to improve the Government’s knowledge of industry’s practices. Prospective offerors will be invited to submit information prior to release of the final RFP, and the Government will provide its feedback prior to the proposal due date. Information provided by the Government in assessing the submitted information shall not be considered an evaluation of a potential offerors’ MAIP acceptability or non-acceptability, and in no way does it represent a final determination by the Government.

Along with the invitation, the Government will post a revised MAR and responses to questions received on the draft MAR. This preliminary information is being made available for planning purposes only, subject to FAR Clause 52.215-3, entitled “Request for Information or Solicitation for Planning Purposes.” The RFI does not constitute a Request for Proposal, Invitation for Bid, or Request for Quotation, and it is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government to enter into a contract. This procurement is subject to review or cancellation at any time.

Offerors who intend to respond to this invitation are requested to contact Janet Osterman within three days of this notice publication.

We anticipate release of this invitation within 1 week and the final solicitation (RFP) no sooner than September 2009. Potential offerors will be given 3 weeks to submit any MAR implementation plans for review. It is the responsibility of potential offerors to monitor the NASA Acquisition Internet Service.

B. Government Assessment:

1. NASA invites potential offerors to submit information that will allow it to advise them of their potential to submit a viable MAIP. This procedure is described in Part 15.202(a) of the FAR.

2. Information Invited – all of, or portions of, an offeror’s draft MAIP that will provide the Government insight into an offeror’s approach or plan to meet the requirements of the MAR for the purpose of providing an initial assessment.

3. NASA will assess the submitted information by considering the adequacy of meeting the MAR requirements.

NASA’s review of the submitted information will advise each respondent, in writing, as to our assessment of viability of the implementation plan(s). NASA anticipates completing this assessment within two weeks.

Point of Contact

Name: Janet Osterman
Title: RSDO Contracting Officer
Phone: 301-286-7586
Fax: 301-286-0530

Name: Cynthia White
Title: Contracting Officer
Phone: 301-286-8772
Fax: 301-286-0530

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