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NASA GRC Internal Memo: HSPD-12 Enforcement

By SpaceRef Editor
November 26, 2007
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From: Bilinovich, Michael A. (GRC-CX00)

Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007 6:30 PM

If you are receiving this email, you have been identified as a supervisor of an employee who has failed to comply with a Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 requirement and deadline regarding a background re-investigation. This re-investigation is necessary before a new HSPD 12 compliant NASA badge can be issued. Without the new NASA badge, the employee will be unable to gain access to NASA facilities and Information Systems. Please direct the below listed employee to complete their background investigation by providing the required information by Monday, November 26, 2007. Any questions concerning completion of the background investigation forms can be directed to Jessica Roberts at x3033. If this is not accomplished by November 26th, please retrieve their current NASA badge and call Dan Humphrey at x2153 who will arrange for an officer to take possession of the subject badge. Once the badge is retrieved, the employee should be directed to the Main Gate Badge Issuance Office where they will be provided with a five day temporary badge to use for accessing the Center until completion of their background investigation application.

Thank You for you cooperation and assistance.

Mike Bilinovich

Chief of Security

SpaceRef staff editor.