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NASA Fundamental Physics Program Virtual Townhall on December 3, 2020

By SpaceRef Editor
November 6, 2020
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Dear Colleague:


The Fundamental Physics program of NASA’s Biological and Physical Sciences (BPS) Division will be conducting a virtual townhall on December 3, 2020, to discuss research foci and potential mission candidates in preparation for consideration in the upcoming BPS Decadal Survey, which will establish research priorities and help determine the future BPS (and Fundamental Physics) scope and funding for the decade starting in 2023. In order to achieve a high priority for Fundamental Physics research and ensure its future healthy growth, it is important that the fundamental physics community, researchers, theorists, technologists, as well as industrial partners, participate in a strong and meaningful way in this activity. 


The townhall, supported by the American Society for Gravitational and Space Research, will serve as a kickoff for the decadal survey activities and provide an opportunity for the research community to review NASA’s plans and provide inputs and feedback to our staff.


The current Fundamental Physics program centers on Cold Atom Laboratory research and collaborations with international partners on physics with atomic clocks and dusty/complex plasma research. It is also in the process of developing mission concepts for experimental investigations in tests of fundamental forces and symmetries with emphasis on quantum science and applications of quantum technologies that make use of the space environment, and is also developing concepts for experiments to explore the physics of dust and plasma interactions. Specific topical areas currently expected to be discussed in the townhall are:


·         Cold Atom Physics

·         Quantum Entanglement

·         Optical Clock-Based Experiments

·         Direct Detection of Dark Energy

·         Dusty Plasma Physics Experiments on the Moon

·         Complex/Dusty Plasma Physics on the International Space Station

·         Other Space Fundamental Physics Research


We welcome and strongly encourage interested scientists, researchers, and industrial partners to participate in the townhall and the decadal survey activities. 


To register for this event please visit:


Bradley Carpenter

Fundamental Physics Program Scientist

NASA SMD Biological and Physical Sciences Division


SpaceRef staff editor.