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NASA EVM-2 Amendment 1: Changes to Requirement 90 and Program Specific Document #2

By SpaceRef Editor
October 15, 2015
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EVM-2 Amendment 1: Changes to Requirement 90 and Program Specific Document #2.

Earth Venture Mission – 2 (EVM-2) investigations address NASA’s goals to acquire deeper scientific understanding of the components of the Earth system, their interactions, and the consequences to life of changes in the Earth system. All EVM-2 investigations will be implemented through the provision of a complete spaceflight mission.The term “complete” encompasses all appropriate mission phases from project initiation (Phase A) through mission operations (Phase E) and closeout (Phase F), which must include analysis and publication of data in the peer reviewed scientific literature and delivery of the data to an appropriate NASA data archive.

The term “spaceflight missions” for this EVM-2 AO is defined as Earth orbital and deep-space missions in a dedicated spacecraft or as a hosted payload; it specifically excludes International Space Station payloads and suborbital missions, such as those flown via sounding rockets, balloons, and aircraft. These spaceflight missions will be used to conduct innovative, integrated, hypothesis, or scientific question-driven investigations addressing pressing Earth system science issues.

This amendment to EVM-2 makes two changes: Requirement 90 and associated text in Section Non-NASA Launch Services on pages 41-42 have been changed and Program Specific Document #2 on page D-1 has been changed to “Class D Cat 3 and OSMC SMA Compliance Matrixes.” New text is in bold and deleted text is struckthrough. The due date for proposals is unchanged, it remains December 4, 2015.

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