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NASA ESMD Internal Document: Ares I-Y Change Request

By SpaceRef Editor
June 24, 2009
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NASA ESMD Internal Document: Ares I-Y Change Request

From: Shaw, Dustin T (JSC)
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 10:40 AM
Subject: Ares I-Y Change request June 2009.docx
Importance: High

Dear FTWG Members,

The single CR presented at Tuesday’s FTWG incorporating the I-Y configuration change and the PMR09 Mark updates was subsequently split into two separate CRs. This CR represents the Ares I-Y configuration changes and the associated FTOs for Ares I-Y and Orion 1. The PMR09 update CR will be published at a later time. Please review this CR and send any comments back to John Coggeshall by COB Monday (6/8/09). Sorry for the delay in releasing but a number of discussions and updates have been occurring over the last couple of days.

Thank you for your support.

Charlie Mallini

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