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NASA EONS-2020 Amendment 1: Change made in Appendix I: MUREP Space Technology Artemis Research (M-STAR) Planning Grant

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April 22, 2020
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EONS-2020 Amendment 1: Change of section reference and cost sharing note in EONS 2020, Appendix I: MUREP Space Technology Artemis Research (M-STAR) Planning Grant.


I.5.1.1 Relevance to NASA (40%) shall now read


Evaluation of Relevance to NASA considers the following sub-elements: Technical Relevance and Educational Relevance. Proposers shall adequately and clearly define how the proposed activity addresses the following criteria:


a. Technical Relevance


                     Identifies the primary alignment to NASA’s STMD and Artemis Program research priorities;

                     Demonstrates how research findings, results, and products will align with one or more of the research priorities of NASA’s STMD and Centers/JPL. See Section H.4 of the EONS-2020 NRA, Space Technology Mission Directorate for a list of these priorities;

                     Describes the state of the art in the literature for proposed research and how the project will enhance, extend, or challenge the status quo;

                     Demonstrates how designed research infrastructure will align with NASA technology and safety standards;

                     Describes proposed use of NASA content, people, and/or facilities in the execution of the research activities;

                     Develops mechanisms for increased participation by students, faculty, and researchers to engage in research activities; and

                     Clearly identifies all members of the planning team and how they will contribute towards the research efforts of the proposed activity.


b. Educational Relevance


                     Demonstrates how project objectives align with the NASA 2018 Strategic Plan (;

                     Demonstrates innovative methods, approaches, and concepts to deliver the project by meeting M-STAR objectives;

                     Demonstrates capacity to support efforts to build a more diverse STEM workforce that reflects the diversity of the nation;

                     Demonstrates how proposed program activities will encourage continued student affiliation with NASA throughout their academic careers;

                     Demonstrates culturally appropriate marketing and outreach plans that will engage students in NASA’s mission, with emphasis on reaching diverse underrepresented and underserved populations;

                     Demonstrates plans for easily accessible application materials for and coordination of research and mentoring experiences; and

                     Identifies mechanisms for the institution to facilitate disbursement of scholarships and other funds.


I.5.1.3 Budget/Cost (20%) shall now read


Proposals shall include a detailed implementation/costing plan that clearly demonstrates how awarded funds will be utilized for the duration of the award.


In addition, the budget shall:


                     Align with budget guidelines and requirements outlined in I.2.2 Budget Guidelines and Requirements in this document;

                     Indicate how the proposed budget is clearly aligned with the proposal narrative and budget narrative;

                     Describe how the proposed budget is allocable, allowable, and reasonable;

                     Demonstrate effective use of funds in which outcomes justify total costs; and

                     Provide a budget justification detailing how funds will be allocated to support project personnel, travel, student scholarships or support, and subcontracts.


Note:  Cost-sharing is not a consideration in the budget evaluation.


Link to the full solicitation, Appendix I:!{42DBB9FD-BEBF-7B8F-74F9-5B0ED75C00BC}&path=open


On or about April 22, 2020, this amendment to the NASA Research Announcement “Education Opportunities in NASA STEM (EONS) 2020” – NNH20ZHA002N will be posted on the NASA research opportunity homepage at


Questions concerning Appendix I, MUREP Space Technology Artemis Research (M-STAR) Planning Grant may be directed to Mr. John Weis, M-STAR Coordinator, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Mail Stop CS-60, Huntsville, AL 35812, Email:



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