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NASA Earth Observatory: What’s New Week of 12 June 2007

By SpaceRef Editor
July 28, 2007
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The latest from NASA’s Earth Observatory (12 June 2007)

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New Features:

* Satellite Monitors Rains that Trigger Landslides Researchers are developing a landslide early-warning system that uses space-based measurements of rainfall combined with a global risk map based on terrain, landcover, and soils.

In the News:

* Latest Images:

Three Gorges Dam, China

Tornadoes Strike Northern Wisconsin

Southern Everglades National Park, Florida

Aquatic Plants Choke Lake Olomega

Wave Clouds over the Arabian Sea

San Miguel and Santa Rosa Islands

Mudtrails from Fishing Trawlers in Gulf of Mexico

Blooming Seas West of Ireland

* Media Alerts

  • Scientists Study Impacts of Industrial Logging in Central Africa
  • Salty Ocean Provide Early Warning for Climate Change
  • Dirty Snow May Warm Arctic as Much as Greenhouse Gases
  • Hundreds of Antarctic Peninsula Glaciers Accelerating as Climate Warms
  • Study of Underground Lakes in Antarctica Could Be Critical
  • Understanding What Causes Rain

* Headlines from the press, radio, and television:

  • Landslides, Storms Kill 73 in Bangladesh
  • 66 Die in China Flooding, Landslides
  • Hong Kong’s ‘Red Tide’ Spreads
  • At Least Six Dead in Australia Storms
  • Hong Kong Winters May Vanish in 50 Years: Weather Expert
  • Midwest Residents Clean-up Storm Damage
  • Global Warming Threatens Antarctic Base
  • 28 Dead in Mideast After Rare Cyclone
  • Hurricane Simulator to Blow Real Houses Down
  • Geysers Reappear After Landslide
  • Caribbean’s Reef-Building Coral at Risk
  • Study: Hurricane Surge ‘Normal’
  • El Nino, La Nina Cycle Needs Watching: Experts
  • Powerful Cyclone Slams Into Oman Coast
  • Melting Glaciers Flowing Faster
  • World Warmer Than Average in Year to May: UK
  • Delta Islands May Become First Casualties of Warming

* New Research Highlights

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