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NASA CxP ISTIM Outbrief to JSC Engineering Management 30 November 2007

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December 8, 2007
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NASA CxP ISTIM Outbrief to JSC Engineering Management 30 November 2007

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– CARD Fault Tolerance requirement CA0214-PO update: The Constellation Architecture shall control hazards that can lead to catastrophic events with no less than single failure tolerance, except for areas approved to use Design for Minimum Risk. The level of failure tolerance must be determined using the hazard identification and mitigation process described in CxP 70038, Constellation Program Hazard Analyses Methodology. The failure tolerance requirement cannot be satisfied by use of EVA, emergency operations or emergency systems.

– Block 1 SM to have unpressurized cargo capability, Block 2 SM to have SIM Bay, not working ISS pressurized cargo but keeping requirement as placeholder for lunar capabiliity

– Landing mode – Nominal coastal water landing, contingency-only land landing, cease/desist working nominal land landing, water landing environment definition per Team 0 recommendation, landing accuracy increased from 5 km to 10 km

– 36-hr post-landing – reduced DSNE max sea surf temp from 36 to 31 C consistent with likely landing locations, added flight constraints for landing in warmer locations, IDAC-4 TDS for probability of off-nominal landing and Orion ECLSS enhancement by March 7 checkpoint, new EVA SRD requirement for 1-g suit doffing within 15 minutes (no TBR)

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