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NASA Briefing Charts: Mars Exploration Program Status Planetary Sciences Subcommittee of NAC

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July 10, 2009
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NASA Briefing Charts: Mars Exploration Program Status Planetary Sciences Subcommittee of NAC

9 July 2009
Doug McCuistion,
Mars Exploration Program, Director
(presented by Jim Green)

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Budget Status and Impacts

  • MSL overall budget needs remain around $400M at PMC, but reserves were unacceptably low (~13% cost-to-go)
  • Expect a requirement for additional resources to restore reserves to adequate levels ($15-115M), predicted by several different cost models
    • Amount to be determined this calendar year after more progress has made on technical issues

  • Impacts must be contained in Planetary Division
    • The Mars Program will repay non-Mars “loans”

  • Impacts to cover low- to mid-range budget needs, in order:
    • Reduce or eliminate Mars Program APA in FY10 and FY11
    • Reduce US portion of Mars-16/18/20 missions
    • Reduce Discovery future and New Frontiers mission lines (no impact to current schedules)

  • Impacts increase to cover mid- to upper-range budget needs, in order:
    • Further reduce US portion of Mars-16/18/20 missions
    • Delay LADEE and ILN missions
    • Delay New Frontiers 3 phase B selection

The Path Forward

  • MSL Project’s Baseline readjusted w/additional $400M in President’s 2010
  • Updated Status to PSS (this meeting)

  • Submit MSL Project Cost and Schedule Analysis Report (“Breach Report”) to Congress by the end of July
    • Development = $1,631M (68% development overrun); LCC = $2,286M
    • Report states that additional reserves may be needed ($15M to $115M range)

  • HQ/SMD will continue tracking progress through weekly meetings and metrics (resolution of technical issues, reserve burn rates, PFR closure rates, workforce profile, etc.)

  • Conduct a “Readiness to Proceed” Review in November 2009–actuators, avionics, power, etc.
    • Project must stabilize these key technical issues for meaningful CTG estimates
    • Include updated cost estimate

  • After “Readiness to Proceed” Review, assess the need for added funding reserves
    • APMC approval required
    • Bring back to PSS for review

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