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NASA Biomedical Research Advances for Space Health (BRASH1801)

By SpaceRef Editor
March 1, 2018
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The Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH) plans to issue a topic-driven call for proposals on or about March 9th, 2018. The call will be posted on NSPIRES ( and at the TRISH website (
Funded by NASA through a cooperative agreement, TRISH engages and enables new health technologies to predict, protect and preserve astronaut health during deep space exploration missions. We seek high risk, high reward, high quality and efficient solutions that can be adapted (or translated) for use in space.
TRISH is seeking emerging scientific and biomedical advances, radically disruptive technologies, and new engineering capabilities and facilities that bridge earth and space health medicine.
Topics of interest in the Spring call for prospects may include:
1.    Materials science – advanced materials with shielding or scavenging properties to prolong medication shelf life
2.    Genetics/bioengineering – non-genomic delivery of genetic material to cells
3.    Plant genetics –optimization of growth, food production, and CO2 use in edible plants
4.    Medication stability – assessment of post-expiration shelf life
5.    Artificial intelligence/deep learning – use of health data  for prediction of medical events before symptoms arise
6.    Transcranial stimulation – non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical methods to improve human performance
There are 2 steps to the TRISH grant application process. The expected deadline for the first phase of applications (Step 1) is in early April. Successful Step 1 proposers will be invited to complete a more detailed proposal.

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