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NASA Astrophysics SmallSats RFI

By SpaceRef Editor
September 28, 2017
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Request for Information: Possible NASA Astrophysics SmallSats
Response due: November 30, 2017
Through request for information (RFI) NNH17ZDA010L NASA’s Astrophysics Division seeks SmallSats mission concepts in two separate topic areas​ that could fulfill NASA astrophysics science goals as described in the 2014 NASA Science Plan.
Topic 1 (“Science Mission Concepts”), would capitalize on the creativity in the astrophysics community to envision compelling missions advancing compelling astrophysics science that can be realized involving small satellites (SmallSats) at a cost between that of Astrophysics CubeSats, which are currently solicited through the Astrophysics Research and Analysis (APRA) element of the Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES) NASA Research Announcement, and Astrophysics Explorers Small Complete Missions, which are currently solicited as Astrophysics Explorers Missions of Opportunity.
Topic 2 (“Advanced Technology Concepts”), solicits ideas for advanced mission concepts advancing compelling astrophysics science and involving SmallSats for which significant investments in instrument and/or spacecraft technologies would be required. Advanced concept missions are defined to be beyond the horizon of near-term solicitations. Such mission concepts are not limited by cost but rather by their realization using small satellites.
The information in response to Topic 1 will be used to inform NASA’s program planning, including consideration of whether to competitively solicit NASA-funded U.S. SmallSats as astrophysics science missions. In addition, the information in response to both Topics 1 and 2 will be used to help craft new topics for future technology solicitations in the Science Mission Directorate and the Space Technology Mission Directorate.
Responses to this RFI may be provided by November 30, 2017 as PDF of no more than 5 pages uploaded via NSPIRES in response to NNH17ZDA010L. For more information about this RFI and detailed instructions on how to respond please see the full text of this call on the NSPIRES web page for this RFI, which may be found by directly downloading the Request for Information: Possible NASA Astrophysics SmallSats (.PDF) or by going to! and searching on “NNH17ZDA010L”.
After reading the full text of NNH17ZDA010L, questions may be directed to Dr. Michael R. Garcia at (subject line to read “Question on Astrophysics SmallSat RFI”). Responses to all inquiries will be answered via Email and also posted to a FAQ under “Other documents” on the NSPIRES page for this RFI. Anonymity of persons/institutions who submit questions will be preserved.

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