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NASA Astrobiology: 7th Session of the PCE3 Seminar Series

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October 5, 2021
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Prebiotic Chemistry & Early Earth Environments:
Seminar Series: Session #7
Art Omran
Visiting Assistant Professor
University of North Florida
Craig Walton
PhD Candidate
University of Cambridge
The NASA Astrobiology Program invites you to share and discover in a Seminar Series of its Research Coordination Network: Prebiotic Chemistry and Early Earth Environments (PCE3). The PCE3 Seminar Series is designed to highlight diverse origins of life research from all over the world, spark interdisciplinary discussion, and facilitate research connections among the PCE3 community. A primary goal of this series is to showcase the work of talented early career scientists in PCE3 sciences.
The series continues on Thursday, October 7th, from 1:00-2:30 pm (EST) and will be held every 3rd Thursday on a continuing basis. Shifts in the seminar hours will occur with notice later in the year for inclusion of participants in Europe/Australasia. Additionally, sessions will be recorded with the permission of the speakers and uploaded to the PCE3 YouTube Channel.
This session’s speakers are Art Omran, Visiting Assistant Professor from the University of North Florida, and Craig Walton, PhD Candidate from the University of Cambridge, with a brief introduction by Matthew Pasek, Professor at the University of South Florida.
Art Omran will present “Reduced Phosphorus Species and Fenton Based Chemical Disequilibrium”.
Craig Walton will present “Phosphorus on early Earth: from minerals to microbes”.
Please register at the link above. If the Zoom meeting reaches capacity, the seminar will be live-streamed to the PCE3 YouTube channel for concurrent viewing. And visit the PCE3 Seminar Series website for previous sessions. Join the PCE3 Slack here to continue discussion post-talks.

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