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NASA ARC Solicitation: CEV Heatshield Materials for LEO Return 03-01-2006

By SpaceRef Editor
March 1, 2006
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• Synopsis – Posted on Feb 01, 2006
• RFI Documentation 01 – Posted on Feb 01, 2006
• QUESTION AND ANSWER SET ONE 01 – Posted on Feb 28, 2006

General Information

Document Type: Modification to a Previous Notice
Solicitation Number: TPS-LEO-RFI
Posted Date: Feb 28, 2006
Original Response Date: Mar 10, 2006
Current Response Date: Mar 24, 2006
Original Archive Date: Feb 28, 2007
Current Archive Date: Feb 28, 2007
Classification Code: 18 — Space vehicles
Naics Code: 336419 — Other Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing

Contracting Office Address

NASA/Ames Research Center, JA:M/S 241-1, Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000


This is a modification to the synopsis entitled CEV HEATSHIELD MATERIALS FOR LEO RETURN which was posted on February 1, 2006.

This notice is issued by NASA/ARC to post Question and Answer Set One.

It is also issued to extend the response due date as follows:

THE DUE DATE FOR RESPONSES IS EXTENDED TO 4:30 PM PST, FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 2006. Please send comments and responses to this RFI to the attention of : Marianne Shelley and Rachel Khattab, either electronically (preferred): ( and to, by Fax: (650) 604-0270, or by courier service: NASA Ames Research Center, Attn: Marianne Shelley, Building 227, Room 119, M/S 227-4, Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000. If faxed, please email the above persons to verify receipt of your documents.

When responding please reference “TPS-LEO-RFI – Response”.

Additional RFI documentation and Question and Answer Set One is attached to this notice at the Ames Research Center Procurement website. Documents related to this procurement will be available over the Internet.     These documents will reside on a World Wide Web (WWW) server, which may be accessed using a WWW browser application.

The Internet site, or URL, for the NASA/ARC Business Opportunities home page is

Offerors are responsible for monitoring this site for the release of any solicitation and any amendments.

Potential offerors are responsible for downloading their own copy of the solicitation and amendments (if any).

Point of Contact

Marianne Shelley, Contract Specialist, Phone (650) 604-4179, Fax (650) 604-0270, Email – Rachel Khattab, Contracting Officer, Phone (650) 604-5237, Fax (650) 604-0932, Email

Email your questions to Marianne Shelley at

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000
February 28, 2006

Request for Information
Question Set One

1. Is there an established budget yet?

This solicitation is for information only. No procurement action decisions have been planned yet.

2. Please provide material type or properties for the reference system fibrous ceramic TPS.

Please consider LI-2200 to be the design reference TPS. Properties are available at:

3. Does the 15 g acceleration apply to the Crew Module/Service Module separation joint or just the Crew Module during an ascent abort?

The Crew Module is currently expected to separate from the Service Module in the event of a 15g ascent abort.

4. Please define the transition point between the base heatshield and backshell.

The heatshield is currently expected to extend past the maximum diameter of the Crew Module. The current design locates the heatshield/backshell split line at the tangency point with the backshell aft cone, though the precise location of the split line has not been finalized.

5. Define performance, safety and durability criteria.

To understand the overall CEV performance and requirements please examine the CEV CFI Amendment, which can be found at the following URL:

For the LEO heatshield in particular we are currently evaluating the role of TPS in achieving flight rate and operability requirements. Inputs from responders on their suggested approaches for re-usability and durability are appreciated.

6. Can you provide the trajectory or the time history of the heat flux that produces the total heat load?

Please refer to the attached ISS Return Environments data package.

7. Can you provide information about follow-on procurement plans (schedule, number of awards, etc)?

This solicitation is for information only. No procurement actions have been planned yet.

SpaceRef staff editor.