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NASA ARC Memo: Participation in Earthquake Exercise

By SpaceRef Editor
April 8, 2007
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Date: Wednesday 04 April 2007
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From: Centerwide Announcement
Subject: Message from the Center Director – Staff
Participation in Earthquake Exercise

Message from the Center Director
Staff Participation in Earthquake Exercise

As the “great quake” approaches, I want to encourage all employees to fully participate in the exercise. This is important training for all staff members, not just the emergency responders. I think everyone will find this a very valuable exercise, which provides us all with the opportunity to think through our own disaster plans.

Please discuss with your employees about making necessary plans now to ensure their availability (e.g. reschedule compressed day off, postpone visitors, reschedule meetings, etc.). Employees should not be excluded lightly from this exercise due to work commitments. Now is the time to plan to avoid conflicts. While ideally every center staff member would participate on May 11, 2007, employees might have previous personal commitments (e.g. planned vacations, daycare, etc.). Employees will not be required to come in on their compressed day off, but strongly encouraged to work with their supervisors to arrange for another compressed day off or other alternative. If employees do not participate the day of the exercise, they will be required to participate in a make-up exercise.

The Protective Services Office has an excellent Web site at with lots of pertinent information. I suggest that you review the Question and Answer section, in particular.

S. Pete Worden
Center Director

SpaceRef staff editor.