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NASA ARC Memo: Message from the Director – Enhancing Communication

By SpaceRef Editor
January 12, 2005
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From: Centerwide Announcement

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 16:39:46 -0800

Subject: Message from the Director – Enhancing Communication


To: Resident Staff

From: G. Scott Hubbard, Center Director

Subject: Message from the Director – Enhancing Communication

At the January 7 all-hands and other venues, people have suggested ideas
for enhancing the flow of communications at the Center. Clearly, there is
much happening very rapidly at NASA these days, and everyone needs to
follow the details closely. Therefore, I am planning to implement the

A Monthly All-hands. We are planning to hold an all-hands every month
concerning some topic of general interest. I will begin this effort in
February, after the release of the FY 06 budget. Other members of the
senior staff could follow up with all-hands sessions focusing on the “belt
tightening moves” in office space and other areas, or generation of new

An “Inside Ames” frequently asked questions (FAQ) website. We will
establish a site on the Ames intranet where employees can submit questions,
and then Center management will post answers to FAQs.

We will provide additional information on these plans as it becomes available.

People also suggested that we post the charts from the January 7
all-hands. A link to the pdf version of the presentation file has been
published to

I hope very much that measures like these will help the flow of accurate,
timely information, and avoid misunderstandings.

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