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NASA ARC Internal Memo: Transformation and Workforce Impact

By SpaceRef Editor
August 23, 2004
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Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004

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From: CenterwideAnnouncement

Subject: Transformation and Workforce Impact

TO: Staff

FROM: G. Scott Hubbard, Center Director

SUBJECT: Transformation and Workforce Impact

As all of you know, NASA is in the process of a major
transformation designed to streamline the agency and
implement the Vision for Space Exploration.

This transformation will affect the Ames Research Center.
We are in the process of carefully evaluating all the
changes within the Agency and determining how best to
respond to them. I’m aware there will be rumors concerning
implementation of these changes, and will do my best to
keep you informed of the actual actions and decisions being

I know we have been in a transformation already here at
Ames for several years, but we must continue to align our
Center and programs to our respective customers. For that
reason, we are reviewing options to better align ourselves
to the new Mission Directorates within the Agency. We are
also preparing civil service workforce plans with NASA
Headquarters that include options for buy-outs and early
outs to meet budget projections in the future.

Any buyout must be strategic, based on programmatic,
budgetary, and staffing requirements. It must target job
skills and categories of positions, not individuals. There
cannot be a global, or wide-open, buyout. Centers must
submit a buyout plan designed in accordance with these
principles to HQ by mid-August in anticipation of a buyout
in November.

We know these are trying times, and that you are concerned
about the many uncertainties about NASA’s transformation.
Please be assured that we are working very hard to do the
right thing for the Agency, our customers, and the Ames
family. We ask for your patience and cooperation as we
continue positioning Ames in the new NASA. Please stay
focused on our mission, and continue the outstanding work
that makes Ames a special place.

We will communicate all relevant information to you as it
becomes available to us.

Thank you.

SpaceRef staff editor.