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NASA ARC Internal Memo: NASA Innovation Fund Call for Proposals

By SpaceRef Editor
June 6, 2009
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NASA ARC Internal Memo: NASA Innovation Fund Call for Proposals

Subject: NASA Innovation Fund Call for Proposals
From: Centerwide Announcement
Date: Thursday, June 4, 2009

Message from the Director of New Ventures and Communications REMINDER: NASA Innovation Fund Call for Proposals

The Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) is announcing the NASA Innovation Fund opportunity. Not to be confused with the IPP FY2009 Seed Fund, the NASA Innovation Fund provides support to NASA innovators in the early stages of formulating concepts for novel technologies and new processes which have the potential to revolutionize the way NASA performs its missions or to enable new capabilities in space flight, science, aeronautics and exploration.

Each center may submit a maximum of five proposals to Headquarters. The maximum amount of funding for each project is $50,000. Funding is intended to primarily support civil servant labor costs. Proposals requesting a lower amount of funding are encouraged and an evaluation of the cost versus the expected benefit of each proposal will be a factor in selection. NASA centers or Mission Directorates can provide additional funding in support of proposals but the maximum cost to NASA of any proposal shall not exceed $50,000, including the requested funding from IPP and any supplemental funding provided from other NASA sources.

Information regarding the NASA Innovation Fund is available at:

Please read the NASA Innovation Fund Call for further information about scope, selection criteria, format and reporting requirements at:

The presentation from the informational session held on June 1 is available at:


– Proposal Submission to Ames IPP Office by June 11
– Selected Ames Proposals due to HQ by June 19
– Awards Selection Announcement by June 30

Submit your proposals by COB June 11 to:
Bill Toscano,, ext. 4-0894

Gary Martin
Director, New Ventures and Communications

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