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NASA ARC Internal Memo: Establishment of the Project Management and Engineering Directorate (Code P)

By SpaceRef Editor
August 23, 2004
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Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004

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Subject: Establishment of the Project Management and
Engineering Directorate (Code P)

TO: Resident Staff

FROM: Joan McCullough, Chief, Human Resources Division

SUBJECT: Establishment of the Project Management and
Engineering Directorate (Code P)

The Project Management and Engineering Directorate (Code P)
is effective Sunday, June 13, 2004.

As the Center Director outlined in his December 16, 2003,
Centerwide announcement, Code P is being formed to
re-establish the ARC foothold in hardware development
projects by creating a “critical mass” of project
management and engineering talent. Code P will develop and
manage the development of hardware systems, with a focus on
flight (exploration) systems. Code P will also support the
Center in new business development by teaming with
Principal Investigators on proposal developments, and will
manage and track proposals. Additionally, Code P will
manage the Center’s facilities engineering and real
property programs.

Laura Doty will serve as the Code P Deputy Director and
will act as the interim Director. The Code P organization
consists of a directorate office, three divisions, four
offices, and four large project teams. The divisions
include the Project Development Division (PM), Hardware
Development Division (PH), and Facilities Engineering and
Real Property Management Division (PF). The four offices
are the Chief Engineer/Systems Management Office (PD),
Resources Management Office (PR), Advanced Studies &
Proposal Management Office (PS), and the Project Management
Office (PMO). The four large project teams are SOFIA,
SSBRP, Kepler, and JIMO.

All or parts of the following organizations were absorbed
into Code P: AX, DO, F, JF, JFF, JFP, SF, SFB, SFD, SFS,
and SFT. FO is now under the Aerospace Directorate.

Code P will provide an updated telephone contact list via
separate correspondence.

SpaceRef staff editor.