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NASA ARC Internal Memo: Diversity Assessment Survey

By SpaceRef Editor
September 25, 2007
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Date: Monday, September 24, 2007
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From: Centerwide Announcement
Subject: Diversity Assessment Survey

TO: Staff

FROM: S. Pete Worden, Center Director, Ames Research Center

SUBJECT: Diversity Assessment Survey

Ames Research Center has contracted with Westat to develop a Diversity Assessment Survey for civil service staff as part of the Ames Diversity Implementation Plan effort. You will receive subsequent e-mail transmission from Westat to begin the survey process. The purpose of this survey is to assess the current state of diversity awareness at Ames. The survey results will be used to define a diversity awareness baseline for Ames Research Center and to design future activities for the continuing enhancement of Ames’ diversity. This Web-based survey will be administered by Westat in the mid-October time frame; individual submissions by Ames participants will be kept strictly confidential by the external administering party.

The survey will cover the following areas:

– Your understanding and awareness of diversity at NASA Ames Research Center
– Your perceptions about managers and supervisors in your current branch, division, or directorate
– Your personal work experiences at NASA Ames
– Your awareness of diversity information and programs at NASA Ames
– Your ratings on overall effectiveness of Ames’ diversity

Westat’s e-mail announcing the survey will contain your name with the following address: [email protected] Please do not disregard the e-mail. Survey participants will have an opportunity to elect to participate in a confidential random drawing to receive small prizes as incentives for completing the survey. The funded incentives will be provided by the Ames Exchange Council.

NASA Ames Research Center, and our senior management team are committed to practicing the principles of diversity. The center’s policy statement on diversity states, “Diversity is integral to the vision and mission of Ames and a necessity for the success of NASA in the 21st century”. I fully endorse the effort to implement the Ames Diversity Plan and encourage all staff to complete the upcoming Diversity survey.

SpaceRef staff editor.