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NASA ARC Center-wide Memo: G. Allen Flynt to Leave Ames and Return to JSC

By SpaceRef Editor
March 25, 2004
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Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 18:04:07 -0800

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Subject: G. Allen Flynt to Leave Ames and Return to JSC

TO: Resident Staff

FROM: G. Scott Hubbard, Center Director

SUBJECT: G. Allen Flynt to Leave Ames and Return to JSC

Deputy Center Director G. Allen Flynt will return to the Johnson Space Center in July, following a one-year detail to NASA Ames Research Center. Flynt will be named the new director of JSC’s Mission Operations Directorate.

Flynt joined the Ames senior management team on Aug. 3, 2003. While at Ames, Flynt managed efforts on the institutional side of the house functioning, in many ways, as the organization’s chief operating officer. Flynt was responsible for leading and overseeing the center’s budgetary, workforce, compliance, and related administrative and logistics activities, and was also an important contributor to the center’s strategic planning efforts. He initiated and implemented the concept of ‘Team Talks,’ and was an extremely popular member of the Ames executive council and the center’s senior management team.

“I have been delighted to have Allen as part of my senior management team at NASA Ames,” said G. Scott Hubbard, Ames center director. “His expertise and perspective have served this center very well. In addition, Allen has provided us with a tremendous opportunity to develop a closer working relationship between the human space flight and research and technology worlds. We will certainly miss his leadership and contributions.”

In his new position at JSC, Flynt will be responsible for human space flight operations, including mission design and activity planning, flight crew and flight controller training, real-time mission management and flight execution and the operations facilities development and sustaining engineering including the mission control center for Shuttle and Station and the training facilities.

Flynt previously served as manager of the Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) Project Office at JSC. In that capacity, he developed hardware, integration standards, capabilities, services, techniques, templates and other information necessary to provide spacewalking services to the space shuttle and International Space Station programs. More recently, Allen was among the senior NASA officials tasked to lead and coordinate the debris recovery efforts for the space shuttle Columbia in Lufkin, Texas.

Flynt began his NASA career in 1986 as an analyst in the National Space Transportation System program control office at JSC. He next worked as an analyst in the Orbiter Project Office before moving on to serve in the space shuttle program control arena. He managed the extra-vehicular activity mobility unit project from 1992 until 1995 and has held various leadership and management roles in the International Space Station Program and EVA project offices.

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