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NASA Antimatter/High Performance Antiproton Trap and Utilization Research

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April 9, 2004
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NASA Antimatter/High Performance Antiproton Trap and Utilization Research
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  • General Information

  • Document Type: Combine Solicitation
  • Solicitation Number: 4200045989
  • Posted Date: Apr 09, 2004
  • Original Response Date: Apr 20, 2004
  • Current Response Date: Apr 20, 2004
  • Original Archive Date: Apr 09, 2005
  • Current Archive Date: Apr 09, 2005
  • Classification Code: A — Research & Development
  • Naics Code: 541710 — Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences
  • Contracting Office Address

    NASA/George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Procurement Office, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812


    This notice is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice.     This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; offers are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. This notice is being issued as a Request for Proposal (RFP)] for Antimatter/High Performance Antiproton Trap and Utilization Research (see attached Statement of Work). The provisions and clauses in the RFQ are those in effect through FAC 01-19. This procurement is a total small business set-aside.    

    The NAICS Code and the small business size standard for this procurement are 541710 AND 500 EMPLOYEES respectively.    

    he offeror shall state in their offer their size status for this procurement. All responsible sources may submit an offer which shall be considered by the agency.

    Delivery of this service to NASA/MSFC shall begin no later than June 1, 2004.    

    The DPAS rating for this procurement is DO-C9. Offers for the items(s) described above are due by 3:00 p.m. CST, April 26, 2004 to NASA/MSFC, PS 52 Rhoney Triplett, MSFC, AL     35812, and must include, solicitation number, proposed delivery schedule, discount/payment terms, warranty duration (if applicable), taxpayer identification number (TIN), identification of any special commercial terms, and be signed by an authorized company representative.    

    Offerors are encouraged to use the Standard Form 1449, Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items form found at URL:    

    Offerors shall provide the information required by FAR 52.212-1 (JAN 2004), Instructions to Offerors-Commercial, which is incorporated by reference. FAR 52.212-4     (OCT 2003), Contract Terms and Conditions-Commercial Items is applicable. FAR 52.212-5     (MAR 2004), Contract Terms and Conditions Required To Implement Statutes or Executive Orders-Commercial Items is applicable and the following identified clauses are incorporated by reference:

    The FAR may be obtained via the Internet at URL:   The NFS may be obtained via the Internet at URL:  

    All contractual and technical questions must be in writing (e-mail or fax) to Rhoney Triplett not later than 3:00 p.m. CST, April 22, 2004.    

    Telephone questions will not be accepted. Selection and award will be made to that offeror whose offer will be most advantageous to the Government, with consideration given to the factors of proposed technical merit, price, and past performance.    

    The other critical factors that shall be considered are the ability to work on-site (1/2 Time) and the quality of the contractor’s relevant experience.    

    It is critical that offerors provide adequate detail to allow evaluation of their offer.     (SEE FAR 52.212-1(b)).  

    Offerors must include completed copies of the provision at 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications – Commercial Items with their offer. These may be obtained via the internet at URL: These representations and certifications will be incorporated by reference in any resultant contract. An ombudsman has been appointed — See NASA Specific Note “B”. Prospective offerors shall notify this office of their intent to submit an offer.    

    It is the offeror’s responsibility to monitor the following Internet site for the release of solicitation amendments (if any):   .    

    Potential offerors will be responsible for downloading their own copy of this combination synopsis/solicitation and amendments (if any). Any referenced notes may be viewed at the following URLs linked below.

    Original Point of Contact

    Rhoney Triplett Jr., Contract Specialist, Phone (256) 544-4096, Fax (256) 544-9354, Email – Betty C. Kilpatrick, Contract Specialist, Phone (256) 544-0310, Fax (256) 544-6062, Email

    Email your questions to Rhoney Triplett Jr. at

    Additional Information

    Attachment No. Statement of Work

    Title: Antimatter/High Performance Antiproton Trap and Utilization Research

    Statement of Work

    The contractor shall undertake work and other expert duties in support of the Marshall Space Flight Center’s Propulsion Research Centers. This work shall be performed on-site with the antimatter propulsion research team. It is expected that the contractor will commit to 6 man-months/calendar year of effort on this contract. The contractor will support R&D efforts in:

    1) the testing, evaluation and modification of antiproton trapping devices, and

    2) evaluation and layout of potential antiproton propulsion experiments,

    3) fundamental physics research in additional areas as needed.

    In particular, the contractor shall have:

    1) at least 10 years experience and expertise in the areas of non-neutral plasma physics, mathematics and electronics with emphasis in theory and experiments related to antiproton production, trapping and utilization,

    2) at least 5 years experience in development of portable Penning-Malmberg ion traps

    3) the ability to perform computational assessments of trapping and utilization dynamics by developing and operating any necessary computer codes,

    4) direct prior experience in antiproton trapping at at least one high-energy physics facility (such as Fermilab, Brookhaven or CERN) with hands-on ability to specify, assemble, operate and test hardware necessary for trapping, detecting and manipulating antiprotons,

    5) at least 10 years experience in Field Theory as relates to cosmology and particle physics.

    6) At least 3 years direct experience with the high performance antiproton trap experiment.

    The contractor will use this knowledge to assist in supporting the following tasks:

    Task 1. The contractor shall assist in performing storage tests of the High Performance Antiproton Trap (HiPAT) and other trapping devices using electrons and hydrogen ions to simulate anti-protons. This shall include:

    1) development and characterization of electronic detection circuitry, theoretical studies/numerical simulation of charged particles within a Penning trap, and quantification of particle types, densities and lifetimes,

    2) evaluation of collected data with theoretical/computational predictions to determine hardware performance and test parameter modifications,

    3) buildup and characterization of particle detectors and theoretical studies and numerical simulation of charge particles transported in beam lines with electric/magnetic focusing,

    4) evaluation of data to determine both injection and extraction efficiencies as compared with theoretical/computational predictions and modify test hardware and parameters to maximize system performance.

    Task 2: The contractor shall assist development of hardware and test plans for trapping antiprotons at an appropriate facility (such as Fermilab, Brookhaven or CERN). This will involve:

    1) design, assembly and checkout of a detector array, for monitoring annihilations of antiprotons in and near the trap. This shall include hardware selection, assembly, operation and testing of the scintillation counter system and associated electronics. The detector array and logic shall be bench tested using cosmic rays.

    2) design and layout of an antimatter transport system. This system shall include fixtures and hardware to enable the HiPAT device to be truck mounted and transported to and from antiproton production sites. The contractor shall also assist; in the investigation of potential interaction between the HiPAT device and transporter system, and development of appropriate operational procedures.

    3) design and assembly of necessary hardware and procedures to integrate MSFC trapping devices into the facility to enable capture of antiprotons. This will include interfacing with beam-line physicists and technicians, hardware setup/integration with facility, checkouts, operations, and testing. The contractor shall also perform theoretical and computational studies of the system and evaluate test data to determine overall system performance and efficiencies.

    Task 3. The contractor shall assist in performing theoretical/computational studies and simulations of various antimatter propulsion systems (with antiprotons stored in HiPAT). This shall include: design, outlining hardware, specifications of components, and material selection. The contractor shall assist in the layout and buildup of prototype test hardware, outlining checkout tests, and development of experimental sequences to verify overall success. This may also include evaluations of other concepts and technologies under investigation by MSFC.

    Task 4. As directed, the contractor will perform assessments, simulations and experiments to aid the Marshall Space Flight Center in evaluating and/or pursuing related lines of research.

    It is intended that the work be performed on-site at MSFC, with possible temporary duties at other locations such as antiproton production facilities.

    All special purpose travel, identified as 1) travel to various antiproton production sites, and 2) travel to research facilities/institutes to gather or disperse information pertinent to antimatter research tasks shall be accomplished as a cost reimbursable line item.

    The contractor shall consider all activity in relation to the needs of MSFC in the antimatter/fusion/fission propulsion program, and help advise the Center in selecting and implementing an approach to best accomplish its goals.


    1. The contractor shall provide copies of all: research documents, sizing & performance calculations/write-ups, hardware sketches/layouts, hardware requirements, and operational procedures used for antimatter research.

    2. The contractor shall provide brief written reports summarizing the details of the activities outlined in Tasks 1 to 4. These reports shall be made at monthly intervals.

    3. The contractor shall provide a final report at the end of the contract summarizing the work that was performed.

    SpaceRef staff editor.