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NASA Ames Scientists Present at Milagro Science Conference

By SpaceRef Editor
June 5, 2007
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Scientists Phil Russell, Hanwant Singh, and Jens Redemann are attending the Second MILAGRO (Megacity Imitative: Local and Global Research Observations) Science Conference, May 15-18, in Mexico City, Mexico in conjunction with INTEX-B (Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment-B) which was an international field campaign conducted in early 2006 to investigate pollution export from Mexico City.

Hanwant Singh, INTEX-B mission scientist, gave an overview talk on the INTEX-B campaign. Phil Russell presented the paper “An overview of J-31 aircraft measurements in the Megacity Initiative–Local and Global Research Observations (MILAGRO) experiment” with Russell as first author and 21 other authors. Jens Redemann presented “Comparison of airborne sunphotometer and satellite sensor retrievals of aerosol optical depth during MILAGRO/INTEX-B” with Jens Redemann as the first author and 11 other authors.

Both Russell and Singh will co-chair breakout sessions later in the week (Russell: Aerosol Optical Properties and Radiative Effects, Singh: Mid- and Far-field Chemistry).

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