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NASA AMASE 2008: Day 5 – Better Living Through Caffeination

By SpaceRef Editor
August 18, 2008
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NASA AMASE 2008: Day 5 – Better Living Through Caffeination

August 8, 2008 / Written by: Marc

We are finished with the day’s “rover operations”. We got in three Sols’ worth of operations, looked at many a rock and drove the rover a whiplash-inducing, NASCAR-ish 1.5 meters! (On second thought, canc that “NASCAR” comment, as there was no left turn involved) By the third Sol, the chaos and uncertainty was largely gone and we were pretty well oiled.

There was coffee involved, actually. Claus and I discovered that there is a digital counter on the front of the coffee dispenser that records the number of cups of coffee served. We’re up to 1580 or so, and it’s become a game to get the “high score” with your coffee. Whoever gets their coffee last gets a higher number, and Claus has stated that a high enough score will get you an extra life. I’m pondering jamming the dispenser button overnight with a broomstick, and scoring a fat Cup of Coffee Number 3000 or so in the morning. That ought to at least put me high enough that I can enter my initials or something. Or a quick trip into the drink at the hands of the crew. Unless I can blame Claus for it…

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