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NASA AMASE 2008: Day 4: Pan’s Entry

By SpaceRef Editor
August 15, 2008
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NASA AMASE 2008: Day 4: Pan’s Entry

August 7, 2008 / Written by: Pan

Today we assembled a wonderful, interdisciplinary team of scientists to go to Sverefjell Volcano. We set out to measure the features of habitability on the snowy slopes. Our plan was to climb to the summit and make measurements on the way down. The weather does what it will, and in spite of constant snow and ever-thickening fog, we had a good crack at environmental measurments in three different sites. The fog and near white-out conditions prevented us from reaching the summit. The team of intrepid explorers included: Marilyn, Lauren, Mihaela, Linda, Jason, Marc, Claus, Henrik, Pettr and me.
At the first site, we measured:

  1. Incoming solar radiation
  2. Slope
  3. Air temperature and humidity
  4. Percentage of various observable life, eg., moss, grass, lichen, other plants, etc.
  5. Temp of the surface and temp 10 cm down
  6. Presence of organic molecules with induced fluorescence
  7. Dominant rock type

We also collected rock samples, soil samples and biological samples. Thanks to all, and pictures and data will be posted tomorrow

SpaceRef staff editor.