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Most efficient car ever to use space-age plastics / ESA TV Exchanges / 05-10-2001

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October 4, 2001
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The next transmission of the ESA TV Service will be:

05-Oct-01 09:00 – 09:30 GMT

Most efficient car ever to use space-age plastics

ESA TV Exchanges

Background information on the transmission:

This programme will not be transmitted in split audio but as follows:

09:00 GMT: International (no voice commentary) A-roll, plus B-roll

09:15 GMT: Re-feed of programme, with English (mix audio) A-roll, plus B-roll

The B-roll is identical for both transmissions, with clean international sound.

This ESA TV Exchanges feed is transmitted by the European Commission’s “Europe by Satellite” (EbS) service. You can find the complete transmission schedule and download scripts and shot lists, also for ESA TV items, from the EbS Web site at

Today’s transmission features a revolutionary concept car moulded from space plastics is on its way from the Netherlands to the World Solar Challenge, a race for solar-powered vehicles across Australia, taking place in November.

The ‘Alpha Centauri Nuna’ car is expected to be the most effective solar vehicle ever built, capable to drive at 160kph and more. Powered only by the sun, it relies heavily upon high-performance plastics developed for satellites. Also the car’s solar cells use space technology as they are based on those used to power the International Space Station

Designed by a team of Dutch students from the Universities of Delft and Amsterdam, the car is being co-sponsored by the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe (APME), the European Space Agency ESA and the Dutch energy company, NUON.

The 5-minute A-roll contains split audio with an English guide track and is complemented by a longer B-roll with clean international sound. The is on-line as a PDF document under

A preview-Real stream of the A-roll is on-line under:

More background information can be found on .

Transmission details:EUTELSAT HOT BIRD at 13* East (DVB/MPEG-2)
Horizontal, F=12,476 MHz (MCPC, Europe by Satellite)
SR=27,500 MS/sec, FEC=3/4

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