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Moon Mars Workshop Valencia 2006

By SpaceRef Editor
September 6, 2006
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Valencia Spain

(September 28 – 30 2006)


Explorers Wanted: Building Our Future in Space

The MoonMars Working Group will meet at the Space Generation Congress 2006 in Valencia, Spain, where more than 160 young delegates from over 35 countries will formulate and realize the visions and recommendations of youth on the exploration and peaceful uses of space.

This year’s theme “Building Our Future In Space”, captures the new spirit of exploration in space industry. As individuals and corporations make their first steps into a new era, we make a call to all explorers who dream of leaving our cradle, Earth, to explore the solar system and beyond. At the 2006 Valencia meeting, the following 11 topics/projects will be explored:

Working Groups (8 projects)

1. Atmospheric and Interplanetary Transportation (formerly Lift Off and Transportation)

2. Policies and Planetary Protection

3. Goals for Moon and Mars Missions

4. Habitats

5. MoonBase 2027

6. Life Science

7. Robot vs. Human Exploration

8. Moon Stories

The following are general interest projects

9. AustroMars Project

10. NASA’s Centennial Challenge Project

11. Outreach for Public and Youth at International Space Events

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