Status Report

MODIS Atmospheres Processing on MODAPS

By SpaceRef Editor
January 2, 2007
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In the case of Atmospheres Data Processing in mid-November, the Atmospheres leading edge for Aqua forward processing was at dataday 315 (Nov 11, 2006) and generally running 1-2 days behind real time. The Atmospheres leading edge for Terra processing was at dataday 316 (Nov 12, 2006) and runs about 1 day behind real time.

Fro Atmospheres Collection 5 Reprocessing, the leading edge in mid-November was Terra Atmospheres at dataday 77 (Mar 18, 2002). The average processing rate for the week ending 11/14 was 14x. The expected completion date for the Terra reprocessing is January 28, 2007. Aqua reprocessing has already been completed.

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