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Mir Status Report 6 March 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
March 6, 2001
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Mission Control Center

TsNIIMash [Central Scientific Research Machine Building Institute]

Rosaviakosmos [Russian Aviation and Space Agency]

Moscow, Russia

Press release: March 06, 2001, 09:00 (Moscow time) [06:00 UTC]

The OC [Orbital Complex] “Mir” operations scheduled for March 05 are complete.

The station continues in free drift.

The recent telemetry data confirmed the OC “Mir’ remains sealed. The onboard
systems perform nominal, the Complex arrays generate enough electricity, the
thermal mode is normal.

Command complex was powered on and command software was entered in tne cause
of communication sessions, pressure was equalized in pneumatic and hydrobus
fuel tanks of the joint propulsion system of the core block of OC “Mir”.

The next status report is scheduled for March 7, 2001


Trajectory report No 47


(OC “MIR”)

Date: 06.03.2001

Flight orbitÝnumber (day): 86061(01)

Orbit period (in min): 89.584

Mean orbit altitude (km): 257.1

Daily average altitude decay (km): 2.0

Beta angle, i.e. the angle of the
Sun vector to the orbital plane (in degrees): +8.7

Duration of daylight (min): 53.4

Solar and geomagnetic activity current parameters:

solar F10.7 flux: 145

geomagnetic index Ap: 5

F10.7 <= 100 -- low level;

100 < F10.7 < 150 -- medium level;

F10.7 >= 150 — high level

Time of altitude Hav ~ 250 km:Ý10.03.2001 +1 day / -1 day

Re-entry prediction with consideration of
15% deviation fromÝsolar flux activity value: 27.03.2001 +5 days / -4 days

Date of the orbit parameters calculations: 05.03.2001

Renewed information is expected on 07.03.2001 at 01.00 p.m. DMT.

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