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Mir Status Report 20 Mar 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
March 20, 2001
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TsUP [Mission Control Center]

TsNIIMash [Central Scientific Research Machine Building Institute]

Rosaviakosmos [Russian Aviation and Space Agency]

Moscow, Russia

Press release: March 20, 2001, 09:00 (Moscow time) [06:00 UTC]

The operations with OC [Orbital Complex] “Mir” scheduled for March 19 are

A routine check out of the OC “Mir” onboard systems was performed during
the previous day, its trajectory parametres registered.

The recent telemetry data confirmed the OC “Mir” pressure integrity,
reported normal thermal mode and onboard systems norminal operation with
the OC “Mir” MCS in free drift.

The OC “Mir” keeps rotating in free drift, the solar batteries provide
enough electric power.

Today Inter-departmental commission on the OC “Mir” final stage accepted
a plan which states:

  • stabilization of the complex in orbit is scheduled for March 22;

  • the OC “Mir” re-entry is scheduled for March 23.

The OC “Mir” re-entry timeline will be issued tomorrow, March 21.

Trajectory report No 61 20.03.2001 (OC “MIR”) Date: 20.03.2001

  • Flight orbit number (day): 86283(01)

  • Orbit period (in min): 88.926

  • Mean orbit altitude (km): 224.4

  • Daily average altitude decay (km): 3.5

  • Beta angle, i.e. the angle of the
    Sun vector to the orbital plane (in degrees): +51.6

  • Duration of daylight (min): 57.8

  • Solar and geomagnetic activity current parameters:

    solar F10.7 flux: 140

    geomagnetic index Ap: 10

    F10.7 <= 100 -- low level;

    100 < F10.7 < 150 -- medium level;

    F10.7 >= 150 — high level


  • Time of altitude Hav ~ 220 km
    Dynamic operations are scheduled to start on: 21.03.2001 +2 days

  • Re-entry prediction with consideration of
    15% deviation from solar flux activity value: 28.03.2001 +2 days / -1 days

  • Date of the orbit parameters calculations: 20.03.2001

  • Renewed information is expected on 21.03.2001 at 01.00 p.m. DMT.

  • SpaceRef staff editor.