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Minutes of Senior Staff and Center Directors’ Meeting 27 Nov 2000

By SpaceRef Editor
November 27, 2000
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The following documents the discussions addressed at the Senior Staff and
Center Directors’ Meeting on November 27, 2000. Mr. Goldin attended the
meeting. Action assignments have been placed in brackets [ ] for easy

1. AA Reports

Y/Luther: Mr. Luther reported on the following items: 1) Dr. Asrar is in
Japan this week to join the National Space Development Agency of Japan
(NASDA) in celebrating the 3rd anniversary of the launch of the Tropical
Rainfall Measurement Mission (TRMM). 2) The Earth Science Enterprise had a
successful launch of the Earth Observing1 (EO-1) spacecraft and the
Argentine SAC-C spacecraft last Tuesday, November 21, from Vandenberg Air
Force Base aboard a Delta launch vehicle. Both spacecraft are performing
as planned. EO-1 is designed to demonstrate new technologies for land
remote sensing. EO-1 is expected to fly in formation about 1 minute behind
Landsat-7 by mid-December. In the January timeframe, the AM Constellation
(Landsat-7, EO-1, SAC-C and Terra) is expected to fly in formation with a
total separation of about 30 minutes. 3) Congratulations to Al Diaz, GSFC,
Roy Bridges, and the KSC staff for a great job.

Z/Garver: Ms. Garver reported on the following items: 1) Beth McCormick
will be returning this week to her undergraduate college, Dickinson
College, in Carlisle, PA, as a Metzger-Conway Fellow. The goal of the
program is to provide Dickinson students with role models and to enrich the
curriculum. The program also gives the college the opportunity to
celebrate the careers of individuals who have reflected credit upon
Dickinson and upon themselves by their personal and professional
activities. Ms. McCormick will be lecturing in several classes, as well as
making a presentation on policy making in the Federal Government, at a
campus-wide event. 2) The NASA Advisory Council (NAC) will meet at KSC
this Thursday and Friday, November 30 and December 1. The primary topic
will be to evaluate the Agency’s annual performance plans.

P/Wilhide: Ms. Wilhide reported on the following items: 1) She reported
on the tragic death of Brian Welch, NASA’s Director of Media Services
Division, who suffered a heart attack on Wednesday, November 27. NASA HQ
will hold a memorial service, soon after the family’s service in Fulton,
Kentucky, on December 9. There will be more details in a NASA press
release. 2) NASA participated in NBC’s coverage of the Thanksgiving Day
Parade. 3) NASA will be featured on a Discovery Channel special to be
shown at Headquarters within the next 4 weeks.

Q/Gregory: Mr. Gregory reported on the assessment of STS-97. There are no
safety issues. Although issues about the Structural Dynamics Model
Verification Dynamic Test Objective (DTO’s) may not be closed before the
scheduled launch (discussions continue with the Russians concerning the
Reaction Jet Drivers (RJD’s) zero fault tolerance)), Mr. Gregory expects
good mission success.

K/Thomas: Mr. Thomas reported that this was a good year for Small
Disadvantaged and Women-Owned Businesses. NASA has met all goalswhich are
currently higher than ever before. He thanked the Centers, the AA’s, and
all involved for contributing to this success.

2. Dr. Mulville:

Dr. Mulville reported on the following items: 1) He will be participating
in the NASA NAC at KSC this Thursday and Friday. 2) The Capital Investment
Council will meet on December 7 to discuss the OMB Proposal on
Program/Project Management, Performance Plan achievements, and New
Initiative Strategies. 3) The next Senior Management Council meeting will
be held on Friday, December 8 at Headquarters. The agenda will be
distributed at a later date.

3. Center Reports:

GSFC: Diaz: Mr. Diaz reported on the tragic death of Dr. Gerry Soffen who
died on Wednesday, November 22. The funeral was held yesterday. Dr.
Soffen’s widow has asked that any contributions be made in Dr. Soffen’s
name to the NASA Academy NASA Alumni. A memorial service will be held at
GSFC on December 7, 2000, at 4 pm.

JSC/Stone: Mr. Stone reported that the launch of STS-97 is set for
Thursday at 9:06 p.m., CST. The ISS is doing well on orbit.

MSFC/Stephenson: Mr. Stephenson reported that MSFC is looking forward to
Mr. Goldin and Congressman Cramer joining MSFC on Tuesday for the Space
Launch Initiative celebration. MSFC is also prepared to support the launch
of STS-97 on Thursday evening.

SSC/Estess: Mr. Estess reported that the NASA-Air Force National Rocket
Propulsion Group would meet this Wednesday at KSC to discuss items of
mutual interest.



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