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Membership Roster: NASA Robotic and Human Lunar Expeditions Strategic Roadmap Committee

By SpaceRef Editor
January 19, 2005
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  • Craig. E. Steidle, Admiral USN (ret) NASA Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, co-chair
  • William F. Readdy, NASA Space Operations Mission Directorate, co-chair
  • Jefferson D. Howell, Jr., General USMC (ret), Johnson Space Center, co-chair
  • Thomas P. Stafford, General, USAF (ret), co-chair

  • Bruce Abbott, United States Navy, National Reconnaissance Office
  • Dr. Michael Duke, Colorado School of Mines
  • Mike Hawes, NASA
  • Dr. James Head, Brown University
  • Milt Heflin, Johnson Space Center
  • Dr. Howard McCurdy, American University
  • Dr. Thomas Morgan, NASA Headquarters
  • Dr. Firouz Naderi, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Dr. Bradford Parkinson, Stanford University
  • Dr. Donald Pettit, Johnson Space Center
  • R. Edwin Smylie, Grumman (retired)
  • Dr. Paul Spudis, Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Tom Tate, House of Representatives Committee on Science and Technology (retired)
  • Dr. Geoff Taylor, University of Hawaii
  • Dr. Brenda Ward, Johnson Space Center

  • Scott Wilson, Mission Directorate Coordinator, Designated Federal Official
  • Frank Bauer, Advanced Planning and Integration Coordinator

Ex Officio and Liaison

  • Doug Cooke, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate
  • Tom Cremins, Space Operations Mission Directorate
  • Orlando Figueroa, Science Mission Directorate
  • Dr. James Garvin, NASA Chief Scientist
  • Lisa Guerra, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate
  • Dr. Tom Jasin, Science Mission Directorate
  • Dr. Michael Lembeck, Exploration Systems Mission Directorate
  • Wendell Mendell, Johnson Space Center, liaison for remote sensing
  • Dr. Cassandra Runyon, College of Charleston, liaison for the Education Strategic Roadmap Committee
  • Charlie Stegmoeller, Johnson Space Center, liaison for health and safety
  • Dr. Richard Vondrak, Goddard Space Flight Center, liaison for lunar science
  • Jim Watzin, Goddard Space Flight Center, liaison for lunar robotics
  • Joe Wood, Advanced Planning and Integration office


  • Andy Algate, Systems Engineer, Johnson Space Center
  • Joe Burt, Systems Engineer, Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Bret Drake, Systems Engineer, Johnson Space Center
  • Charles Whetsel, Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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