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Mars24 sunclock version 5.2 released

By SpaceRef Editor
February 21, 2004
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Dear Mars24 users,

The Mars24 sunclock and time display has been updated to version 5.2.0
and the new version posted to the NASA GISS website at

This version includes some bugfixes and is recommended for all users.
There are also some new features which you may want to explore.

My apologies that it has been so long since the previous update. I made
the mistake of working on too many changes at once, and ended up in a
position where non of the changes could be made available until one new
feature was completed and thoroughly tested.

Among the bugfixes and new features are:

* Bugfix: Windows/non-Mac version correctly detects if all windows have been
closed, successfully saves prefs, and quits.

* Bugfix: Equirectangular projection distorted in case of large monitor and
certain longitude values for center of projection.

* Sunclock may be automatically centered on sub-Earth or subsolar point using
centering selection popup menu.

* Saved preferences now include window locations, plot window sizes, and other
additional settings.

* Altered Mars time settings organization to make it more apparent how to
choose MER mission times.

* Earth-Mars distance readout may be shown in units other than light-minutes.

* Added (small) FAQ to help windows choices.

* Additional locations in landmarks choices.

* Replaced suffix appended to local mean zonal time readouts. Instead of
“LMZT”, use “MTC+n” or “MTC-n” to indicate hour ahead of or behind MTC.

* Rewrote animation threading of graphic display objects to make much fewer
repaints and so reduce CPU demand. Only clock readout window still makes
frequent(dt < 1 s) repaints.

* “Solar Path” display renamed (again) and now called “Local Panorama”

* Panorama display now includes path that Earth traces during the sol. Solar
position readout in panorama display turned into a scrollable table and
expanded to include Earth position data. Controls added for user to specify
how solar and Earth paths in panorama are marked.

* Beagle 2 reclassified as an “unsuccessful” mission. This affects sorting order
in landmark list and tick color if marked on sunclock.

* Location of MER-B Opportunity updated, but note use of planetographic
latitude, approx. 0.02deg different from announced planetocentric value.

Remember, any feedback you might have about Mars24 is /always/ welcome.

Please e-mail me if you do not wish to receive further notices regarding Mars24

Best wishes to all,

Robert B. Schmunk,

NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 2880 Broadway, New York, NY 10025

SpaceRef staff editor.