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Mars Global Surveyor Status Report 12 July 2000

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July 12, 2000
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Mars Global Surveyor Status Report
Wednesday, July 12, 2000 (DOY 187/19:00:00 to DOY 194/19:00:00 UTC)
Launch / Days since Launch = Nov 7, 1996 / 1344 days
Start of Mapping / Days since Start of Mapping = April 1, 1999 / 468 days Total Mapping Orbits = 6017
Total Orbits = 7620
Recent Events:
Background Sequences — We are in the last day of the Solar Conjunction phase of the mission and sequences continue to execute nominally. The mm051 sequence will terminate and the mm052 sequence will begin on 00-195 (7/13/00). mm052, the first beta-supplement sequence to execute since 00-174 (6/22/00), will start recording science data on 00-195 (7/13/00). Playbacks of science data commence on 00-196 (7/14/00).
Spacecraft Health:
All subsystems report nominal health.
There have been 10 uplinks to the spacecraft during the last week, including new star catalogs and ephemeris files and the mm052 background sequence. We turned off two-way non-coherent mode to regain two-way Doppler capability and we set the Command Loss Timer to its nominal value of 104 hours. The total number of command files radiated to the spacecraft since launch is 4727.
Upcoming Events:
The MOC will be turned on tomorrow, 00-195 (7/13/00), via real-time commands. The mm053 background will be uplinked 00-196 (7/14/00).

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