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Lunar Biology Technology Workshop Lunar Biology Technology Workshop: a virtual event hosted by the NASA Space Biology Program

By SpaceRef Editor
February 25, 2022
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Are you a biologist seeking interaction with engineers to design your ideal experiment? Are you a payload developer looking for insight into how to support the next generation of space experiments? Are you a platform/lunar lander provider interested in learning more about biological sciences and unique capability needs? If so, please join us for LBTech, a 2-day workshop during which we’ll network, brainstorm, and discuss how to optimize research in deep space. Early-career researchers are especially encouraged to join! 


As NASA begins to expand robotic and human exploration to the Moon, new opportunities are emerging for research to further our understanding of biology beyond low-earth orbit (BLEO). How do we face the challenges of the lunar environment and design hardware for robust biological research? LBTech will be an interactive virtual event for space biosciences researchers and engineers to discuss ideas for technologies that will enable research on and around the Moon. Invited speakers will present information on NASA programmatics, opportunities for funding and flight, and environmental characteristics of the Moon, as well as lessons learned from LEO missions to incorporate into BLEO experiments.


The focal point of LBTech will be breakout group discussions designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas between scientists and hardware/instrument developers to discuss and identify important lunar science-enabling capabilities. On both days of the event, a vendors show will be held to provide virtual booths for technology and hardware developers and lunar platform providers to meet the science and spaceflight engineering communities and provide multimedia informational exhibits. A report of LBTech workshop findings will be made publicly available following the event. This report will serve as an informative resource for the broader science/engineering community as they develop a strong catalog of instruments to enable robust lunar research. 


Join us to discuss opportunities to ensure future explorers, and the biology they bring with them, thrive in deep space.


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