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Looking for Very Short-Period Planets with Re-Purposed Kepler

By SpaceRef Editor
September 9, 2013
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Looking for Very Short-Period Planets with Re-Purposed Kepler

A re-purposed Kepler mission could continue the search for nearly Earth-sized planets in very short-period (< 1 day) orbits. Recent surveys of the Kepler data already available have revealed at least a dozen such planetary candidates, and a more complete and focused survey is likely to reveal more. Given the planets’ short orbital periods, building the requisite signal-to-noise to detect the candidates by stacking multiple transits requires a much shorter observational baseline than for longer-period planets, and the transits are likely more robust against the much larger instrumental variations anticipated for the modified Kepler pointing capabilities. 

Searching for these unusual planets will also leverage the Kepler mission’s already considerable expertise in planetary transit detection and analysis. These candidates may represent an entirely new class of planet. They may also provide unprecedented insights into planet formation and evolution and sensitive probes for planet-star interactions and the stellar wind. Whatever their origins and natures, such planets would be particularly amenable to discovery by the planned TESS mission, and a preliminary survey by Kepler could pave the way for such TESS discoveries.

Brian Jackson

(Submitted on 5 Sep 2013)

Comments: White paper submitted in response to the Kepler science office’s call for white papers published at this http URL

Subjects: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics (astro-ph.EP)

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