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Limited Space Available on Upcoming Earth Orbit Mission

By SpaceRef Editor
November 8, 2019
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Limited Space Available on Horizon Flight

“3-2-1-Liftoff!” Hearing those exciting words and watching the fiery liftoff, Celestis Heritage Flight families cheered as their loved ones flew into Earth orbit this past summer from Florida. You too can experience the thrill of spaceflight by flying your departed loved one — or even your own DNA — on another Celestis mission, The Horizon Flight, scheduled to launch into Earth orbit next year. While reservations are still open, available space on board is limited.

In this month’s newsletter I invite you to learn more about Horizon and our launch schedule for all of our upcoming Memorial Spaceflights. We also discuss Celestis’ latest appearances in popular culture and provide examples of the many news stories this year about the Heritage Flight.
You can honor the life of your departed loved one with a launch into Earth orbit on the Celestis Horizon Flight, currently projected to lift off from Cape Canaveral, Florida in the third quarter of 2020. But reservations will close early next year.As there is a limited amount of space on board the spacecraft and we take reservations on a first come, first served basis, we recommend you make your reservation soon.
Join us in Florida for three days of exciting launch-related events, including:
  • A tour of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (pictured above);
  • Dinner with an astronaut;
  • Sharing memories of your loved one with other Celestis families at the pre-flight memorial service;
  • A launch briefing given the day before liftoff;
  • Viewing the launch from a prime location reserved for Celestis guests.
There’s nothing as emotionally moving as watching, hearing and feeling the launch of your loved one on a powerful rocket as it lifts off the launch pad. At each Celestis launch family members cheer, hug one another, or cry tears of joy knowing that they’ve fulfilled their loved ones’ dreams of spaceflight. Attending the launch in person — or even viewing it from home with family and friends, live on the Internet — will make for memories that will last forever.

SpaceRef staff editor.