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Letter From NASA JSC to CASIS Board Of Directors Regarding Cooperative Agreement No. NNH11CD70A/80JSC018M0005

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August 15, 2019
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National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
2101 NASA Parkway
Houston, Texas 77058-3696

August 13, 2018

Reply to Attn of: BG-19-151

Center for Advancement of Science in Space
Attn: Andrei Ruckenstein
Co-Chair, CASIS Board of Directors
6905 N. Wickham Road, Suite 500
Melbourne, FL 32940

Subject: Center for Advancement of Science In Space (CASIS) Cooperative Agreement No. NNH11CD70A/80JSC018M0005

Pursuant to Paragraph 4.6, Change in Principal Investigator or Scope, of the subject cooperative agreement, the CASIS decision to change or significantly reduce the availability of services of the International Space Station National Laboratory Principal Investigator (PI), Dr. Joe Vockley (Cooperative Agreement Paragraph 3.1.g), is not approved at this time.

The NASA Associate Administrator for Human Exploration & Operations is requesting a strategic pause in CASIS activities relative to changes in the CASIS PI in order to enable NASA to establish an Independent Review Team to assess the underlying Cooperative Agreement to ensure we are on mission and appropriately resourced to produce breakthroughs that improve lives on Earth. NASA anticipates that this assessment will be completed within 12 weeks after the team has been established.

Future correspondence and a final decision on CASIS’s plans relative to the PI will be forthcoming following this strategic pause and assessment.

NASA considers the Cooperative Agreement provision regarding the PI as a material term or condition within the agreement, noncompliance with which may subject CASIS to the remedies listed a 2 CFR Section 200.338, including the provision at 200.338(a) relative to withholding of payments.

Please contact the undersigned at or 281-244-7176.

[Digitally Signed by]

Kendrea D. Vallien Grants Officer

JSC/BG/A. D. Clayton JSC/BG/B. J. Niese
JSC/BG/J. C. Phillips JSC/OA/M. Y. Gard
JSC/OA/K. A. Shireman
JSC/OA/K. O. Todd
JSC/OA/J. R. Montalbano
JSC/OH/W. Cleek
JSC/OZ/M. A. Edeen
JSC/OZ/K. Costello
JSC/OZ/S. F. McGrath
HQ/ 7F76/R. Gatens
HQ/7F71/S. Scimemi

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