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Letter from ISS and SSP Program Managers regarding “Establishment of the Flight Commercialization Office”

By SpaceRef Editor
May 15, 2002
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Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

2010 NASA Road 1

Houston, TX 77058-3696

Reply to Attn: OA-02-034

May 15, 2002

TO: Distribution

FROM: MA/Manager, Space Shuttle Program

OA/Manager, International Space Station Program

SUBJECT: Establishment of the Flight Commercialization Office

NASA’s strategic plan has established priority objectives to enable the commercial development of space. A key goal of the Space Shuttle Program (SSP) and the International Space Station (ISS) Program is to enable the commercial development of space. These include: improving the accessibility of space to meet the needs of commercial users; fostering commercial endeavors with the Space Shuttle, ISS, and other assets; and developing new capabilities for human space flight and commercial applications through partnerships with the private sector. To prepare for implementation of pending new Agency policy promoting the development of robust space commerce, we must plan to establish appropriate organizational structure and processes within our flight programs. The efforts in support of these goals for both the SSP and the ISS Program are linked and require appropriate integration across the two programs.

In order to support NASA Headquarters and field center efforts, both programs have jointly established the Flight Commercialization Office. Mr. Brian K. Kelly, Manager for Commercialization, will lead this office. He will report to both program managers. This office will represent both programs in the development of near term space commerce implementation plans and policies and to oversee and develop program efforts in direct support of NASA space commerce goals. This office will serve as the focal point for both programs to develop, manage, and integrate commercialization-related Space Act Agreements with private sector partners. The Flight Commercialization Office will use existing program resources to the greatest extent possible in support of mutual objectives established via flight program related Space Act Agreements or other similar agreements. This office will establish broad-based teams to evaluate, negotiate, and implement commercial proposals and partnerships in coordination with NASA Headquarters and field center personnel. These teams will be composed of existing program and line resources combined with appropriate legal, procurement, and business management personnel.

We look forward to an exciting future in supporting Agency goals to develop space commerce. Please provide support and encouragement to your people as they participate in this endeavor and as our policy and procedures evolve.


Tommy W. Holloway


Ronald D. Dittemore


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SpaceRef staff editor.