Status Report

Launch of Galaxy IIIC SC by Sea Launch System

By SpaceRef Editor
June 17, 2002
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One more launch of ILV Zenit-3SL was performed from Sea
Launch space rocket system at 02:39:30, Moscow Summer Time
(June 15, 2002, 22:39:30 GMT).

The goal of the launch was to deliver Galaxy IIIC SC of
4850 kg to the target geosynchronous orbit with parameters:
perigee altitude – 361 km, apogee altitude – 41440 km, inclination

The direct transfer of SC from the intermediate orbit created
by LV Zenit-2SL into the target orbit was performed by the
Upper Stage DM-SL.

SC belongs to PanAmSat Corporation and is designed to support
Internet-, video-, voice communication, data transmission
and also TV broadcasting. Its work station has 95° west
longitude in the geosynchronous orbit.

The launch was performed from the Launch Platform Odyssey
located in the Pacific Ocean at the equator at 154°
of west longitude in the vicinity of Christmas Island.

The launches of spacecraft from the sea launch site are
carried on by the international stock company Sea Launch.
The shareholders are the Boeing company (USA), S.P. Korolev
RSC Energia (Russia), Kvaerner Invest Norge AS (Norway),
PO Yuzhmashzavod and M.K. Yangel SDO Yuzhnoye (Ukraine).

RSC Energia is an integrator of Sea Launch Rocket Segment,
working in cooperation with over 30 leading aerospace companies
in Russia and some companies in Ukraine, including equipment
and integration of Rocket Segment into the System, development
and operation such components of RS as Upper Stage DM-SL,
Complex of Automated Control Systems on Prelaunch and Launch,
US Flight Control System, Measurement System, hyperholics
and gases loading system, test and mechanical support equipment
for Upper Stage.

Prelaunch and launch control was performed via radio channels
from the control center onboard the Assembly Command Ship.

Flight time period prior to SC separation was 62 min.

The process of US prelaunch processing, launch and flight
was carried out by day-to-day management team of RSC Energia
specialists in the Mission Control Center (MCC-M), Korolev,
Moscow Area. Flight Operations Manager – cosmonaut-pilot,
V.A. Soloviev.

It was already the eighth launch from the Odyssey platform.
The previous took place on May 9, 2001.

Yu.P. Semenov, President of RSC Energia, Designer General,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Science, leading experts
of RSC Energia, Russian companies and organizations involved
into Sea Launch project, were present in MCC-M during launch

During the briefing held in MCC-M following SC separation,
Yu.P. Semenov, President of RSC Energia, Designer General,
Academician of the Russian Academy of Science and V.A. Soloviev,
Flight Operations Manager, told the journalists of the central
Russian TV and Information Agencies about specifics of Sea
Launch project, answered the questions regarding this project
and the ISS Program.

SpaceRef staff editor.