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Kompsat-2 Electrical Interface Verification Test

By SpaceRef Editor
February 4, 2004
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Electrical Interface Verification test successfully completed

Bremen, 23rd of January. A second major milestone was completed in
realising the launch of the Kompsat-2 satellite with the Rockot launch

The Electrical Interface Checkout between Launch Vehicle Telemetry
Measurement System (TMS) and Kompsat-2 was successfully performed during
the third week of January 2004 at KARI’s facilities (Korea Aerospace
Research Institute) in Daejon, South Korea.

The Telemetry Measurement System supplied by Khrunichev was used to
simulate the Launch Vehicle Telemetry, to receive the data from the
Spacecraft and to downlink the telemetry to the Spacecraft Monitors in
order to verify the status of Kompsat-2 Spacecraft and finally to
validate the Software.

The electrical interface compability between the SC and LV was validated
using the launch Support Test Set (LSTS) provided by KARI and the Launch
Vehicle Telemetry Simulator, supplied by Khrunichev.

The Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) of Daejon, Republic of
Korea, and Eurockot Launch Services of Bremen, Germany, signed a
contract in October 2002 covering the launch services for the Korean
KOMPSAT-2 earth observation satellite. KOMPSAT-2 is scheduled to be
launched in August 2005 using the Rockot launch vehicle from Plesetsk
Cosmodrome in Northern Russia. The selection of Eurockot follows an
international launch competition by KARI. Rockot will deploy the
satellite, which has a mass of 800 kg into a circular sun-synchronous
orbit of 685 km altitude. This is the 4th launch contract for Eurockot
in the Far East.

As well as having developed the KOrean MultiPurposeSATellite KOMPSAT-2,
KARI is also acting as the system integrator for this programme.
KOMPSAT-2 will provide multispectral, high resolution images for earth
observation. Other international partners in the programme include EADS
Astrium GmbH of Friedrichshafen, Germany, who will supply components and
support services

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