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JSC EVA Office: EMU Panel Minutes 5 Sep 2001

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September 5, 2001
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Building 1

Room 360


The EMU Panel convened at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, September 5, 2001. Topics of discussion are as follows:

  1. Flight Readiness Review

  1. STS-108/UF-1 (R. McDaniel-Davis X 33787)
  2. 1. EMU ESEL R3 in work and will come to the EMU Panel September 12, 2001.

    2. MPLM hardware that is required for the September 12, 2001 Bench Review, will be less the following items: CM Waltz’s backup gloves, LCVGs, and CCCs.

  3. STS-109/HST3B (S. Anderson X 39311)

    1. Battery logistics are in work for usage of ICBs or Yardneys with this flight.

    2. EMU ESEL is a walk on the EMU Panel, September 5, 2001.

    3. The ORU Tool CCBD is approved and direction was given to proceed with the task.

    4. Middeck Battery Charger CCBD is approved and waiting on direction to proceed with the task.

    5. No SAFERs are being flown on this flight. Reach evaluations are not required for this crew.

  1. STS-110/8A (C. Donnellan X 35896)
  2. 1. EMU ESEL in work and is coming to the September 12, 2001 EMU Panel.

    2. Glove delivery for CM Ross’ backup gloves was August 30, 2001.

  3. STS-111/UF-2 (A. Veloso 281-336-6308)

    1. EMU ESEL in signature loop.

    2. Need glove fit checks with the crew.

  1. RDR/FIAR Status

  1. For STS-108/UF-1, there are twenty-three (23) open RDRs.

  2. For STS-109/HST3B, there is one (1) open RDR.

  3. For STS-110/8A, there are two (2) open RDRs.

  1. Certification Status

  1. There are four (4) open certification items for STS-108/UF-1.

  2. There are seven (7) open certification items for STS-109/HST3B.

  3. There are eight (8) open certification items for STS-110/8A.

  1. CCBDs and PPDOs

The following items were presented and directed as follows:

    • H7120 — EMU SSA Enhanced Small Boot Toe Spacer Certification and Implementation — Approved.

    • 01-2.2.5D-304 — EMU PR 420 Primer Replacement — Approved.

    • H7168 — FEMU-R-001 Addition of Criterion for Acceptance of Harness Connectors with 25% Broken Grounding Fingers — Incorporate changes and take to the RDR Board with the closure.

    • H7155 — EMU Manifesting Requirements for STS-109/HST3B — Approved.


  2. Deferred.

  3. Issues and Special Topics

NT/C. Sager — S&MA Boards and Requirements — A presentation was presented at Program Review.

EC5/M. Garza — Dermabond Presentation — A discussion was held on what direction this task needs to be worked. CCBD R1 in work.

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