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JSC EVA Office: EMU Panel Minutes 3 Oct 2001

By SpaceRef Editor
October 3, 2001
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Building 1

Room 320


The EMU Panel convened at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, October 3, 2001. Topics of discussion are as follows:

  1. Flight Readiness Review

  1. STS-108/UF-1 (W. Frost 281-336-6303)
  2. 1. CoFR1 went through without any issues or actions.

    2. ISS-4 CoFR1 has moved up to Monday, October 22, 2001.

    3. UFR fitcheck waiver has been approved and awaiting FEMU-R-001 updates.

    4. EV Crew Patch Kit will be stowed in the MPLM which will be discussed at the next Bench Review on October 26, 2001.

    5. EMU ESEL R4 in work.

    6. DIDB/LCVR certification issues are being discussed today at the EMU Panel.

  3. STS-109/HST3B (S. Anderson X 39311)

    1. A Stowage freeze is in affect as of October 3, 2001.

    2. A 4th EMU will be added to this flight. The EMU ESEL R1 will reflect this added item.

    3. CM Newman’s PVU gloves will be delivered NLT October 20, 2001.

  1. STS-110/8A (C. Donnellan X 35896)
  2. 1. EMU ESEL is in the signature loop with the Launch Package Manager for this flight.

  3. STS-111/UF-2 (A. Veloso 281-336-6308)

No issues to report.

  1. RDR/FIAR Status

  1. For STS-108/UF-1, there are seventeen (17) open RDRs.

  2. For STS-109/HST3B, there are no open RDR.

  3. For STS-110/8A, there is one (1) open RDR.

  1. Certification Status

  2. A. There are fifteen (15) open certification items for STS-108/UF-1.

    B. There are eleven (11) open certification items for STS-109/HST3B.

    C. There are four (4) open certification items for STS-110/8A.

  3. CCBDs and PPDOs

The following item was presented and directed as follows:

    • H7174 — EMU Softgoods Barcodes Fix — return to the EMU Panel.


  2. The following actions were added:

    Action 10/3/01-101: Put together a schedule for the waiver and final closure procedure for ILCVR/CIL/HAZ documentation.

    Assignee: ILC/S. Ross and HSMS/C. Russo

    Due Date: 10/10/01


    Action 10/3/01-102: Gather the community together on the generic eye irritation issues. Work what the requirements/issues are, if needed, for input into the Hazard Report.

    Assignee: HSMS/B. Mumford

    Due Date: 10/9/01


  3. Issues and Special Topics

ILC/C. Brown — DIDB CIL Waiver — Presented waiver and incorporate any comments that arise from the discussion.

ILC/S. Ross — ILCVR HAZ Waiver — A rough draft was presented and the final paperwork is in work.

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Stacy McLean Brian J. Johnson

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