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JSC EVA Office: EMU Panel Minutes 15 Aug 2001

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August 15, 2001
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Building 1

Room 360


The EMU Panel convened at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 15, 2001. Topics of discussion are as follows:

  1. Flight Readiness Review

  1. STS-105/7A.1 (S. Anderson X 39311)

    1. EMU Checkout is at 1:30 pm, August 15, 2001.

  1. STS-108/UF-1 (R. McDaniel-Davis X 33787)

    1. EMU ESEL R2 is in the signature loop pending I & O concurrences.

    2. Bench Review at JSC is NET September 7, 2001.

    3. Small boot toe spacer full certification. The cert. schedule doesn’t meet UF-1 schedule for deliverables. This topic is being moved to STS-110/8A Mission Managers Matrix for tracking purposes.

    4. ILCVR CCBD is in the signature loop pending MOD’s signature.

    5. DIDB CCBD is a walk on to the EMU Panel and EVA Hardware Board, August 15, 2001.

    6. EVARM CCBD is pending cost before approval for delivery of hardware this Saturday, August 18, 2001.

    7. EV Crew Options kit is being carried on the Shuttle ESEL and the hardware is not configured for the increment 4 crew.

  1. STS-109/HST3B (S. Anderson X 39311)
  2. No issues to report.

  3. STS-110/8A (C. Donnellan — X35896)

    1. EMU ESEL in work to come to the EMU Panel.

  1. STS-111/UF-2 (A. Veloso 281-336-6308)

    1. EMU ESEL at the EMU Panel, August 15, 2001.

  1. RDR/FIAR Status

  1. For STS-108/UF-1, there are twenty-one (21) open RDRs.

  2. For STS-109/HST3B, there is one (1) open RDR.

  3. For STS-110/8A, there are two (2) open RDRs.

  1. Certification Status

  1. There are six (6) open certification items for STS-108/UF-1.

  2. There are no open certification items for STS-109/HST3B.

  3. There are no open certification items for STS-110/8A.

  1. CCBDs and PPDOs

The following items were presented and directed as follows:

    • H7166 — STS-111/UF2 Baseline EMU Support Equipment List — Approved with changes.

    • H7164 — EMU HUT and DCM ORU Delta Certification for Space Shuttle Stowage as CEIs — Approved with changes.

    • H7124R2 — EMU Manifesting Requirements for STS-108 (UF-1) — Approved.

    • H7157R2 — EMU On-Orbit ESEL — Post 7A Updates — Route outside the Boards for concurrence.

    • H7170 — New Configuration DIDB Certification/Implemenation to Minimize Inadvertent Actuation — Approved with changes.


  2. No changes to report.

  3. Issues and Special Topics

No issues to report.


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