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Jonathan’s Space Report No. 467 2001 Nov 14

By SpaceRef Editor
November 14, 2001
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Shuttle and Station


The EP-2 crew – Afanas’ev, Haignere and Kozeev – undocked Soyuz TM-32
from the Pirs module at 0138:30 UTC on Oct 31. Deorbit burn was at 0404
UTC, with landing 180 km SE of Dzhezkazgan at 0459:26 UTC. This leaves
the Ex-3 crew of Culbertston, Dezhurov and Tyurin with a fresh Soyuz
transport ship, Soyuz TM-33, docked with the Zarya module.

On Nov 12 Culbertson and Dezhurov made a spacewalk from the Pirs module.
It was depressurized past 50 mbar around 2127 UTC, and the hatch was
opened at 2141 UTC. The astronauts completed external connections for
the Pirs module and finished setting up the Kurs rendezvous system. The
hatch was closed at 0245 UTC on Nov 13 and repressurization
began at around 0250 UTC for a duration of about 5 hr 23min.

Preparations are continuing for the launch of STS-108, with
Endeavour now at pad 39B.

Red Planet – Erratum


I can’t believe I did this – thanks to alert reader Mike Grabois who
pointed out my use of ‘perigee’ and ‘apogee’ when I meant to type the
generic terms ‘periapsis’ and ‘apoapsis’. In the 1960s-70s the
planet-specific terms – in this case I believe `periares’, `apoares’ –
had a brief popularity, although the difficulty of coming up with new
terms for each new body (how about `perieroticon’ for NEAR about Eros?)
has led to the generic terms winning out for the most part. Exceptions
are perihelion/aphelion which is well-hallowed in use for the Sun;
perijove and apojove which seem to be in common use for Galileo at
Jupiter; in astronomy, periastron/apastron and
perigalacticon/apogalacticon are sometimes seen for stars and galaxies

Recent Launches


No new orbital launches this week. A suborbital STARS missile defense
target(Polaris with Orbus-1 upper stage) was destroyed during launch
from Kodiak on Nov 9. A successful Minuteman 3 operational test flew
from Vandenberg to Kwajalein on Nov 7. A Topol’ was launched from
Plesetsk to Kamchatka on Nov 1.

Mars Odyssey continues aerobraking and now has a periapsis of 110 km.
Genesis is now arriving at the Earth-Sun L1 point. A malfunctioning
thermal radiator is causing some concern for the health of the
sample return capsule’s critical battery, which is overheating,
but Genesis is expected to begin collecting solar wind samples
on schedule.

Table of Recent Launches


Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle  Site            Mission    INTL.
Sep 7 1939 Picosat 7/8 – Sindri, LEO Technology 00-42C
Sep 8 1525 USA 160 ) Atlas IIAS Vandenberg SLC3E Sigint 40A
NRO satellite ) 40C
Sep 14 2335 Pirs ) Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1 Station module
Progress M-SO1 ) Cargo 41A
Sep 21 1849 Orbview-4 ) Taurus 2110 Vandenberg 576E Imaging F01
QuikTOMS ) Environment F01
SBD ) Technology F01
Celestis-4 ) Burial F01
Sep 25 2321 Atlantic Bird 2 Ariane 44P Kourou ELA2 Ku telecom 42A
Sep 30 0240 Starshine 3 ) Athena-1 Kodiak Science 43A
Picosat ) Technology 43B
PCSat ) UHF/VHF comm 43C
Sapphire ) Technology 43D
Oct 5 2120 USA 161 Titan 4B Vandenberg SLC4E Imaging 44A
Oct 6 1645 Raduga-1 Proton-K/DM2? Baykonur C telecom 45A
Oct 11 0232 USA 162 Atlas IIAS Canaveral SLC36B Data relay? 46A
Oct 18 1851 QuickBird Delta 7320 Vandenberg SLC2W Imaging 47A
Oct 21 0859 Soyuz TM-33 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1 Spaceship 48A
Oct 22 0453 TES ) PSLV Sriharikota Imaging? 49A
BIRD ) Imaging 49C
PROBA ) Imaging/tech 49B
Oct 25 1134 Molniya-3 Molniya-M Plesetsk LC43/3 Comms 50A

Current Shuttle Processing Status


Orbiters               Location   Mission    Launch Due   

OV-102 Columbia OPF Bay 3 STS-109 2002 Feb 14 HST SM-3B
OV-103 Discovery OPF Bay 1? Maintenance
OV-104 Atlantis OPF Bay 2? STS-110 2002 Mar 21 ISS 8A
OV-105 Endeavour LC39B STS-108 2001 Nov 29 ISS UF-1

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