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Jonathan’s Space Report No. 465 – 22 Oct 2001

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October 22, 2001
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Shuttle and Station


The Expedition 3 crew entered their Soyuz TM transport (spacecraft
206, or Soyuz TM-33) on Oct 19 and
undocked from the nadir port of Zarya at 1048 UTC, flying it out and
then sideways a few meters before approaching the station again to dock
with the Pirs nadir port at 1104 UTC. This frees up Zarya for the
arrival of a new Soyuz. The docking port at the aft end of Zvezda is
occupied by the Progress M-45 cargo ship.

Soyuz spacecraft 11F732 serial no. 207, or Soyuz TM-33, was launched
from Baykonur at 0859 UTC on Oct 21. The four strapon boosters and the
core stage that make up the 11S59 central packet accelerated the vehicle
out of the atmosphere, and the 11S510 Blok-I third stage placed Soyuz
TM-33 in orbit at 0908 UTC. Vladimir Agapov reports that the first two
orbit correction burns were successful at 1243 and 1315 UTC.
Crew of Soyuz TM-33 are Viktor Afanasev (commander), Konstantin Kozeev
(flight engineer) and Claudie Haignere (flight engineer-2).
Afanasev and Kozeev represent the Russian Space Agency and Haignere
is a CNES astronaut – CNES is the French space agency. Soyuz TM-33
is expected to dock with Zarya on Oct 23.

Recent Launches


The second QuickBird commercial imaging satellite was launched on Oct 18
by a Boeing Delta 2 from Vandenberg. The first QuickBird was lost in a
launch failure in Nov 2000. QB is owned by DigitalGlobe (formerly
EarthWatch) and is a Ball BCP2000 with a launch mass of 1028 kg and a
dry mass of about 995 kg. It will return imagery with a resolution of
0.6m. The Delta entered a 185 x 472 km x 98.1 deg orbit at 1902 UTC. At
1948 UTC it reached apogee and fired again to deploy QB into a 461 x 465
km x 97.2 deg orbit. It must have had quite a bit of spare fuel, since
its depletion burn both lowered perigee to 167 km and changed
inclination by over 10 degrees to 108.9 deg.

Table of Recent Launches


Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle  Site            Mission    INTL.
Sep 7 1939 Picosat 7/8 – Sindri, LEO Technology 00-42C
Sep 8 1525 USA 160 ) Atlas IIAS Vandenberg SLC3E Sigint 40A
NRO satellite ) 40C
Sep 14 2335 Pirs ) Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1 Station module
Progress M-SO1 ) Cargo 41A
Sep 21 1849 Orbview-4 ) Taurus 2110 Vandenberg 576E Imaging F01
QuikTOMS ) Environment F01
SBD ) Technology F01
Celestis-4 ) Burial F01
Sep 25 2321 Atlantic Bird 2 Ariane 44P Kourou ELA2 Ku telecom 42A
Sep 30 0240 Starshine 3 ) Athena-1 Kodiak Science 43A
Picosat ) Technology 43B
PCSat ) UHF/VHF comm 43C
Sapphire ) Technology 43D
Oct 5 2120 USA 161 Titan 4B Vandenberg SLC4E Imaging 44A
Oct 6 1645 Raduga-1 Proton-K/DM2? Baykonur C telecom 45A
Oct 11 0232 USA 162 Atlas IIAS Canaveral SLC36B Data relay? 46A
Oct 18 1851 QuickBird Delta 7320 Vandenberg SLC2W Imaging 47A
Oct 21 0859 Soyuz TM-33 Soyuz-U Baykonur LC1 Spaceship 48A

Current Shuttle Processing Status


Orbiters               Location   Mission    Launch Due   

OV-102 Columbia OPF Bay 3 STS-109 2002 Feb HST SM-3B
OV-103 Discovery OPF Bay 2 Maintenance
OV-104 Atlantis VAB STS-110 2002 Mar ISS 8A
OV-105 Endeavour OPF Bay 1 STS-108 2001 Nov 29 ISS UF-1

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